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How to guess basketball

SF street basketball actually very simple

2022-06-26 11:04How to guess basketball
Summary: What skills does SF need in street basketballSF, in fact, is very simple. It doesn't matter if you are tall. The high speed is not as fast as the low speed. The low speed is not as high as the high
What skills does SF need in street basketball
SF, in fact, is very simple. It doesn't matter if you are tall. The high speed is not as fast as the low speed. The low speed is not as high as the high jump. I think it's aSF street basketball  actually very simplelmost the same. It's ok if you have skills Props: 3 points for clothes, 3 points for pants, and 3 points for shoes. With the ability to choose. Skill: deficiency and reality DD layup Pull back (for tie rods) DS。How to play street basketball SF
In fact, it's easy to say that SF plays well. You should have the awareness of making up and defendSF street basketball  actually very simpleing. When rebounding, you should help yourself to block the opponent's internal rebounds. YSF street basketball  actually very simpleou should let the other side figure out your next attack method, play with the other side's judgment, have the awareness of passing a good ball, let your teammates score calmly, and have the ability to scoreHow to play street basketball SF
。 Teammates will press 1 for you, and the other party will also press 6 or question mark.. Haha, this is SF's 3 points. It's better to throw at the place closest to the 3-point line. That way, the probability of hitting is greater. In addition, if someone defends your 3 points, you can make the other party jump after you press the fake actionHow to play street basketball SF
Freestyle installs these skills according to your preferences and matches them with your own street basketball. Let's talk about each excellent skill. Ordinary passing: This is a breakthrough passing posture. It is easy to be knocked down, but it is a necessary skill. Breakthrough dribble: an upgraded version of ordinary crossoverHow to define SF in street basketball and what to focus on
At the offensive end, SF is a deterrent. The ability of the medium pitch is the highest. The three-point ability of 45sf can match the varied combination skills of 40pg. It is impossible to defend. At the defensive end, SF is difficult to grasp. Running, a person's skills are not as strong as G, rebounds and blocks are not as strong as C and PFHow to play SF well in street basketball
SF is a very good profession, very flexible, but SF can get 2 points and 3 points more. In addition, I'll teSF street basketball  actually very simpleach you a good number. SF and G cooperate. G runs cross with you. Of course, he should run in front of you. When the person who let go of G walks in front of you, you use retreat to knock down the person who defends GHow should street basketball SF be played
Go to the basket 1. overlord step (under the blue, only after dribbling! First do the fake action of shooting, then press the down + right direction key at the same time, and then long press the d+ direction key to the basket. The action should be fast) 2. turn your back to the basket and turn to the blue after receiving the ball 3. go to the blue in three steps. Catch the ball facing CHow to play SF in street basketball
The key to SF is to throw 2 points. He doesn't have to shake people down. As long as he crosses, he is very accurate to throw 2 points later. As for playing 3, it's a little difficult, but it's much better with James' retreating step, which improves a lot of space. The key to playing 3sf is to sneak around. When teammates pass to you, they rush out of the 3-point line quicklyWhat are the benefits of SF in street basketball
SF CIC is the most accurate (excluding special cases). In the initial stage (before level 15), you can help C to make up the board. If you are good at grabbing the board, you can play with 2G.. When you get to level 15, you can turn around and do things that really belong to SF.. CIC. 3 points (after 25 is recommended)
How about playing SF in street basketball
Well, SF is the most difficult of the five professions in street basketball. It's fun when the skills are fun, and even the skills of SF can be called gorgeous. Novices are hard to get started! It is better to play SF after playing all other professions. At this time, your awareness will be higher and it will be easier to start. SF is omnipotent
SF street basketball actually very simple

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