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How to guess basketball

Street basketball C bounce

2022-06-26 06:26How to guess basketball
Summary: What is the use of the bounce value of street basketballThere is no need for me to say more about this. If you have played through the five positions, you should be very clear that C's rebounds and
What is the use of the bounce value of street basketball
There is no need for me to say more about this. If you have played through the five positions, you should be very clear that C's rebounds and blocks are inferior to those of other positions. Why? Because his two abilities are high! C's bounce is not high, but it does not affect his rebounds and blocksWhich is more important, the bounce and physical resistance of street basketball C
Physical confrontation, of course! C is physically strong. Naturally, this ability is important to him. The aspect with high ability value must be the most important ability of the role. Bounce is the strength of PStreet basketball C bounceF. Adding C will not have any obvious effect. The ability of rebounding is the most important when grasping the boardIs it better to add bounce or rebounds for C grabbing in street basketball
C is the ability to add rebounds Rebound = rebound range, bounce = rebound speedStreet basketball, if you can only +1, is C + rebounding or bouncing
Of course +1 rebounds. DoStreet basketball C bounce you want to buy a new +1 decoration? If you are C, I suggest you buy +1 board decoration, because it is Street basketball C bouncegloves. You can also wear a board corner. Your ability will be very high. And that + bounce decoration cannot be worn with the horn. And C doesn't have to pay attention to bouncing. Unless it's second high
What is the use of bouncing in street basketball for C? Is it better for C's shoes to add bounce or fight_ Baidu
I think I should add bounce, because my C is an added bounce. The other party's c card position, if you are stuck, your body will fall down no matter how good you are, but how much can you add your body. I suggest you buy bouncing shoes. Of course, if you have money, you can buy 2 pairs. If you see that the clothes on the opposite side are not good, you can wear the shoes of your bodyStreet basketball C plus bounce or running
It depends on what you pay attention to. If you pay attention to the board, you can add bounce, because this has something to do with the shortest time from taking off to getting the board. As for running, it is the popular double-G playing method. C is used to remove the running gear, so the key is to see your own choice
What's the use of bouncing in street basketball for C
The higher the rebound value, the greater the range of rebounding, and the higher the bounce value, the higher the height of rebounding. To put it simply, C's bounce is a link to the value of auxiliary rebounds, which can make C jump higher. 2 seconds or even 3 seconds is purely personal opinionIs the blocking ability of C in street basketball related to bouncing? What's the difference between bouncing and rebounding
1. of For example, if your block is 45 and your bounce is 20, 45+20=65, if your opponent's mid shot or three points are lower than yours, you have a higher chance of covering him. If your block and bounce are higher than yours, you have a lower chance of covering him. 2. bouncing is also related to rebounding. The difference is that one grabs the board and the other grabs the reboundDoes block cap of street basketball C have something to do with bouncing
Absolutely not! Do you want to change your shoes to bounce? It is recommended that you never compete with others. In addition to being easy to bump into others and not easy to fall down, the higher the defense, the lower the opponent's hit under the basket! Bounce is only useful for PF dunks
Street basketball C Shoes + running or jumping
Q: street basketball C Shoes + running or jumping?!!! A: it depends on what kind oStreet basketball C bouncef C you belong to. If you score by G, take the board and defend the inside line, it is recommended to add bounce. If you play the inside attack singles or block the gap for your teammates, it is recommended to add running, but in the final analysis
Street basketball C bounce

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