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Cao Fang street basketball

2022-06-26 04:45How to guess basketball
Summary: What is the difference between a streetball player and a professional basketball playerJust like Cao Fang, a well-known streetball player at present, he may not even be able to persist in a complete p
What is the difference between a streetball player and a professional basketball player
Just like Cao Fang, a well-known streetball player at present, he may not even be able to persist in a complete physical fitness test when participating in the CBA draft. We can't say that Cao Fang doesn't work hard in training. He is already a leader among street ball players, but obviously street ball training and professional basketball training are not the same thingHow about the income of CBA "folk experts"
But now it's different. He from an ordinary family can earn a lot of money a year by playing basketball he likes. What could be happier than that? In addition, grassroots stars such as Yang Zheng, Cao Fang, brother helmet and brother onion, who are active on some platforms, also earn a lot of moneyWhy can't street ball players play CBA? How big is the gap between body and technology
We might as well look at the group photo of him and Yi Jianlian. We can put aside the muscles. His height and arm span are not far behind Yi Jianlian, so he can become the No. 1 player in the CBA. Therefore, Cao Fang, who has suffered a loss in stature, failed to participate in the draft for three consecutive years. You know, Cao Fang's fame and ability in the domestic street ball circle are also outstandingWhat is the difference beCao Fang street basketballtween ordinary people and NBA players
In fact, not to mention the confrontation with the NBA, even if it is a single fight with CBA Players, ordinary people can not have a chance to win. As early as a few years ago, Wu you was educated by his nephew who was not famous at that time and wore training clothes. Cao Fang, once the top guard of the CUBA League, was also thoroughly defeated in the comparison with Li GenAs a street ball player, why does Cao Fang want to play CBA but can't, and Yang Zheng can play but can't
Everyone likes basketball for different reasons and has different understanding of basketball. Cao Fang hopes to enter the professional league to prove himself and let more people see his basketball world, but his physical quality can not meet the strong physical confrontation in the professional league. Many scouts and coaches are not optimistic about Cao Fang's career prospects. Yang ZhengWho knows the CL street team
Team Han Chao, Liu Yang, Shi tou, Cheng Chi, dingjianing, Ma Chongjiu, little Paul, Xiaobai, Zeng Qiang, Zhao Qiang, Yan Shuai, Caofang note: the team was selected through Cl openrun behind the scenes - staff Zhang Yi, Chi Chi, Zhang Jingyao photographed a fan and Zhang Hongjia video produced Dou XiaoliuOutline of the romance of the Three Kingdoms
Sima Shi held great power. Cao Fang, the Lord of Wei, wanted to murder Sima Shi. However, Sima Shi found out that Cao Fang was abolished as king of Qi and Cao Mao was established as emperor. The 110th Wei general wuqiujian and Wen Qin set up troops to oppose the tyranny of Sima division. Wen Yang, the son of Wen Qin, led his troops into the Wei camp and was invincible. Sima Shi had an eye tumor and diedWhat is the difference between street basketbaCao Fang street basketballll and professional basketball
In general, many professional players are more willing to play streetball to maintain some staCao Fang street basketballte, also because it is more interesting, but on the contrary, it seems that few streetball players can go to the professional arena. At present, only Chen Jianghua can be said to beCao Fang street basketball relatively successful, like Wu you
Cao Fang street basketball

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