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How to guess basketball

Street basketball distance

2022-06-26 03:05How to guess basketball
Summary: Points and timing of PF buckles in street basketballPersonally, I think timing and reaction are very important. Ability is almost OK. Ability affects taking chances. For example, the higher C's abi
Points and timing of PF buckles in street basketball
Personally, I think timing and reaction are very important. Ability is almost OK. Ability affects taking chances. For example, the higher C's ability, the lower the requirement for timing. PF is very important for mastering timing. Kobe usually takes chances in seconds. The first time he takes chances, the second time he rises, and the third time he doesn't take chances at the highest pointWhat do you mean by the so-called "first shot" and "second shot" of street basketball C? What they said was vague
Note: I am not sure about the angle of the three points. According to my years of experience, it is almost a number. After all, the official has no accurate data to explain, and this is the charm of streetball, because there is no second basketball game that can make your blood boil in the process of dunking and blocking through special game settingsThe problem of taking a place in street basketball
Say personal experience.. Attack from level 16 PF first. Pf dunk begins. The basic dunk is the simultaneous take-off of two take-off points. And 0.5 seconds later. 2 points.. Other KB buckles are basically one word fast.. The risk-taking capacity of C is very frighteningDo street basketball pick and roll masters add distance
No cap distance is added. Only the ability of the cap can add cap distanceAn analysis of the shooting points of street basketball
Short shots: ordinary short shots can cover with one hand at one stroke, and can also cover with one foot at a tiptoe. It's easy to cover with one hand when shooting under the basket. It's also easy to cover with one hand when shooting with wisdom. This is a disgusting skill. Anyway, I can't cover with one footNew skills of street basketball
James dribbled backwards for 19000 points. The main function is to cancel the time interval between the backward dribble and other breakthrough methods, that is, after the backward dribble is used, the cooling time by pressing a is 0. The quick defense skill is the fast movement of face up. The key is the wa direction key. It's used for supplementary defenseBouncing ability in street basketball, can increase the blocking distance? The ability to block and fight against the body
It is my great honor to answer your questions; The effect of bouncing on PF is the most obvious in all professions. The offensive end can increase the distance of long dunk and the difficulty of being risked, the defensive end can grab high boards (not including the second board, because the second board also needs rebounds), and the ability to block blocks can increase and reduce the difficulty of blocking blocks (I'm talking nonsense -)The shootingStreet basketball distance points and positions of various balls in street basketball
Ask for advice on the take-up points and better take-up positions of various layups and Overlord steps of street basketball, as well as the take-up positions under the basket. My 10's, ah Wu, basically failed to make a layup on the side under the basket. Sometimes he sucked it over and still failed to make it. There is also something to pay attention to when taking the overlord stepIs the street basketball block a distance or a 45 position
Distance, half body position, front. If you find a good hat point for a hat dunk, the so-called hat point is that you see that the opposite side wants to dunk and stand in a body position in front of him. As soon as his dunk foot lifts up, you can go to teach freely. With a good rhythm, basically all dunks can be capped! 360 dunk inStreet basketball distance the air half a turn when the capBlock distance of street basketball
Let's start with 3 points for the next cap. Personally, I think this is a better way to master the cap, that is, to see the pitcher's foot off the ground in the direction of D cap The only difficulty during the first practice is the psychological barrier. It's always easy to be swayed by the other party or jump early, which can't be covered As long as the psychological factors are overcome, no matter how the other party shakes, they are not afraid
Street basketball distance

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