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How to guess basketball

Street basketball screen select "configuration" option

2022-06-25 21:31How to guess basketball
Summary: Street basketball screen problemsSelect the "configuration" option, then click the "properties" button, change the "maintain aspect ratio" under the "zoom options" to "full
Street basketball screen problems
Select the "configuration" option, then click the "properties" button, change the "maintain aspect ratio" under the "zoom options" to "full screen", and click the "OK" button to enter the screen resolution setting interface again, and set the resolution to the normal resolution of your screen (e.g. 1366 768 or 1440*900, etc.)How does the game screen of street basketball shrink
There are two kinds: one is the windowing mode in the options in the game, and the other is that if you are not idle and ugly, you can simply shrink the entire desktop, so that the game screen will naturally be smaller. Haha... Right click in the blank space of the desktop. The settings are in the properties
Questions about the street basketball screen (4 questions and 30 points)
(however, this kind of situation rarely occurs in Internet cafeStreet basketball screen  select s, because the Internet in Internet cafes is quite arrogant.) since street basketball became 2008, the playability of the game has not increased much, and the network problems and configuration requirements have been much higher, which really makes people puzzled! The solution is to go to Internet cafes more often and stay at homeHow big is the best screen for playing street basketball
The best resolution in the window mode is 1152*768 people. It looks very harmonious and the screen won't occupy all the space. You can try it
How to play full screen street basketball
If the screenStreet basketball screen  select is full, the picture will be deformed. Think about it yourself. Open your graphics card driver settings (right click on the desktop, click properties, click the settings on the right most of the top, click Advanced on the right most of the bottom, and then click the driver settings on the right most of your graphics card). There are screen scaling (or names such as auto fit to scrStreet basketball screen  select een size)Playing street basketball on the screen is great
I often encounter this situation in Internet cafes because of the problem of screen refresh rate. I taught that it should be able to improve a lot under the setting. First, on the desktop, click "properties" - click "Settings" - there is an advanced point in the setting - find "monitor" in "advanced" - and then change the "screen refresh rate" to 75 NMR or higherStreet basketball best screen brightness contrast
The best screen brightness and contrast of street basketball is 1024*768. Because the resolution of the game is the default, as long as the difference is not too large, but the image is too large when you adjust the 800*600 normal state, so it is still 1024*768. The two resolutions are different. Unless the graphics card is super strong, neither is distortedOn the full screen problem of street basketball
First, check whether your game settings are full screen. If not, click the mouse button, properties, settings, and then adjust the screen resolution. Drag it to the left. It should be good. Try itAbout playing street basketball screen trembling
The landlord can try the following methods: (1) download the latest patch and repair the game. (2) Close the software that conflicts with the game, such as anti-virus software, system firewall, etc. (the system firewall may prevent street basketball) (3) download a "driver life" and update your graphics card driver; (4) If notWhat is the reason for playing street basketball games
The computer configuration is Street basketball screen  select OK. Does the screen shake all the time? You restart the game and try again. If you still shake, it means that there is a problem with your graphics card. No call to your unique display. If it still doesn't work, repair the client or download it again
Street basketball screen select "configuration" option

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