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How to guess basketball

Street basketball is disgusting

2022-06-25 20:31How to guess basketball
Summary: Why is street basketball so disgusting nowTL is the first to make money. Have you seen him seal so many accounts? Instead, they try their best to make moneyWhy do they say street basketball is boringT
Why is street basketball so disgusting now
TL is the first to make money. Have you seen him seal so many accounts? Instead, they try their best to make moneyWhy do they say street basketball is boring
The server of this game is too poor ~ (the network requirements are very high, the network is a little bad, so the card can't be played ~) novices who just play the game are often Street basketball is disgustingscolded by the veteran & * (playing small) LJ (garbage) who play to a certain high level, and they open and hang up a lot. Can't play ~ ~Do you think street basketball is still interesting
After reading your comments, I also have a lot of feelings. I started playing street basketball when it was first released and have been playing it now. Every class has experienced it, and it can be regarded as an ashes level player. Personally, I think it is impossible to make a game completely like a sport. There are many reasonsWhy is the 3-point street basketball center so accurate? 4 out of 5, I still play like this. RMB players
Why is the 3-point center of street basketball hand game so accurate? I still play it like this when I score 4 out of 5. RMB players are disgusting 30 &\xe768; Let me answer a question: should children learn about the world at an early age? Baidu netizen 1661820 2017-11-29 TA received more than 951 likes to know small achievements. The number of main responses:Street basketball
This is the problem of computer program error. Street basketball has many such problems, such as card tattoo (there is a bug of infinite tattoo, but it does not need plug-in). There are also many disgusting places. Street basketball is disgustingThis is the disgusting place of street basketball~``
I have played street basketball for 7 years. Since I first came into contact with the computer, some people say that I am Biao. I want to play another game. No
I have the same experience as you. Playing CF games like this will make you feel dizzy and want to vomit. You might as well try playing rocky hero. This game is very good. I hope it can help you
Playing street basketball is disgusting and gets stuck
NBA 2k9 if you are a basketball fan, you can play this bar. It is so meticulous that the players' jerseys can flutter. Everyone has their own actions. The audienStreet basketball is disgustingce is alive. They will stand up and cheer, applaud and jump, rather than display like a piece of paper. It is absolutely trueStreet basketball is disgusting. This year, a PC version was launched. You have nothing to say about it. FigureThe hot blood street basket ranking mechanism is disgusting. It keeps kneeling. Is this game not suitable for playing alone
Playing this game is better than going out to play basketball. It's just a game. Don't take it seriouslyStreet basketball is disgusting. The wedding ring costs 100. The divorce ring costs a lot. It's really speechless. I have money
The target of their exploitation must be willing to spend money. You spent 100 on a wedding ring. Who did you cheat when you divorced? This is called second degree exploitation. You want to divorce for free. Haven't you heard that it's easier to get on a thief's boat than get off it? It's better not to ask you for 200
Street basketball is disgusting
But I spent 30 yuan on clothes for a month. As for the trough. I always buy it when I'm active.. Although the game costs less. But it is true that the flowers are unhappy. I spent money. The Internet speed is also quite good. Everything can reach 4m/s. That's it. Go up and be abused by people who can't play with G.. And
Street basketball is disgusting

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