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How to guess basketball

Street basketball pf dunk video

2022-06-25 11:02How to guess basketball
Summary: The blocking technique of PF covering all kinds of dunks in street basketballStreet basketball pf covering all kinds of dunks blocking skills 10 please tell us about the methods of PF dunking in detai
The blocking technique of PF covering all kinds of dunks in street basketball
Street basketball pf covering all kinds of dunks blocking skills 10 please tell us about the methods of PF dunking in detailPf dunk skills of street basketball
After shaking the defender with great force, no one in front can press f again. It's best to press F when no one is in front. When others encounter strong C, press f to find a risk
Street basketball pf dunk
If you want your opponent to fall, first of all, the opponent should resist you. When you resist you, you use great or super great power. If the opponent judges your direction correctly, he can't fall. Or it can't fall far away from you. Generally, it will fallStreet basketball pf hat dunk skills
Pf dunk, fast dunk Tomahawk, this must be predicted, Kobe is a good hat point. When the other party takes off, press D immediately. There is no need to add the direction key. Adding the direction key is easy to misplace. Like other ordinary dunks, there are generally twStreet basketball pf dunk videoo risk points: one is the same as the hat Kobe. Press D immediately after seeing the other party take off, which is slightly slower than 0Street basketball C hat pf dunk skills
Jumping dunk together is the first point. When the system calls slam dunk, there is a second point when it is just about to call dunk. At that time, when pf jumps to the highest point and is about to fall, there is a third point when it is about to buckle. You will naturally understand this when you play and watch more. You can't search the videoHow to cover pf dunk in street basketball? When do you take off
1. Cover hook hand shooting (C, PF): when hook hand, be sure to keep your eyes and hands fast and aim at the position. As soon as the other side turns its back to you, you can take a step forward and cover it directly. Generally, it canStreet basketball pf dunk video be covered. Hook hands are easy to cover. You can't catch with DD. at the same time, you should be wary of the opponent's fake hook hands shootingFind a street basketball C hat pf various dunk and inside line teaching video It is day and night. Very famousHow does street basketball cover pf's dunk? (all dunks)
Dunk: there are three seconds when the cover flies to the middle, and when it is about to reach the basket, Kobe dunks: when he dunks, you delay about 1 second. Jay and his turning hat points are all back, which is similar to the ordinary third point. Self throwing and self dunking: when his ball is thrown out in the air, you have to get a hatPf dunk skills of street basketball
There are so many things mentioned above. LZ, I can tell you the easiest: 1. You are far enough from the blue basket. 2. In the straight line between you and the blue basket, there is no one about one and a half steps ahead. This can be deducted, but whether you eat hot pot or not depends on your own attention or the ability of the defendersAll the dunk skills of street basketball PF and their covering methods
Ordinary close dunk: this jump is too fast, but you can't get the hat. If you slow down a little, you can easily get the Battle Axe: pf has the strongest dunk skills and abnormal skills. I caStreet basketball pf dunk videon only rely on judgment to get the hat. Many peoplStreet basketball pf dunk videoe like to play w and press f to get the battle axe, or pick up the battle axe from the actual situation, or immediately after sweeping the floor
Street basketball pf dunk video

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