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How to guess basketball

Street basketball canceled

2022-06-24 20:03How to guess basketball
Summary: Why did street basketball cancel the win rate restriction channelBecause it can let many people practice level better, just like some people who have good skills. Another reason is that another winnin
Why did street basketball cancel the win rate restriction channel
Because it can let many people practice level better, just like some people who have good skills. Another reason is that another winning channel is empty, and many people can't enter the zone. It wastes the channel and makes people hate TIANLIAN. Therefore, it is necessary to cancel the winning rate
Street basketball SF back to cancel, vigorously cancel, talent cancel, detailed fingering! For details_ Baidu
First. When you don't have a dead ball, skillfully use the skill of Lingbo micro step in all directions. secondly. When you have a dead ball, you can directly lift the ball in a virtual and real way or use the virtual and real w to cancel the back pitch to achieve the virtual and real lift under the dead ball state. Press method of direct virtual and real ball lifting: press the reverse direction key of the basket and press W at the same timeWhat is the "W" cancellation and "tilt back" cancellation in strStreet basketball canceledeet basketbalStreet basketball canceledl
『2』 Back up cancellation SF using the back up cancellation technology can realize the back up cancellation of the in place layup. There are two cases: (1) back running back up w cancels the character's back to the basket and pull it out to the position where the back up and layup are combined. Press back +d without loosening it. Quickly press W, and you will see that the character has the action of bending and lifting the ballHow to improve the ability value of canceling grade in street basketball
Upgrade characters and buy equipment with added ability. The other is to train. I think it's the most cost-effective to return the abiStreet basketball canceledlity pack. It's better to upgrade the ability pack. You can add 3 to 4 points to one piece of the ability pack. As long as you have money, you can buy a set of ability pack and add one middle. That's not a monster, so the ability pack is the bestHow to cancel all SF in street basketball
To cancel the backward tilt, press the back D, w w w not loose + front D direct layup w not loose + left DD (right DD) Lingbo
What are the cancellations of street basketball C
w. S vigorously cancel + pass, hook cancel + virtual reality, basket shooting cancel + dream dance step, inside line Q, d no action layup. There may be some, but that's all I know. I hope I can help you
How to cancel the remote login verification of street basketball
If you want to cancel the remote login verification of street basketball, you can cancel it locally
How does street basketball pf cancel dead ball, QD and FDD? (detailed explanation by experts)
The dead ball will become empty and solid by lightly clicking D and adding W. the QD is from the right. Note that it is from the right. Press w to force the ball. Then, when it is confirmed that no one is blocking you and no talent will emerge, w left Q D will omit the ball closing and directly lay up. As for FDD, it is to cancel the slam dunk and connect lb. press the left (right) FDD. Note that FD will be pressed together
How to cancel all the street basketball games
It's very simple, but I think fake hook is the most practical. Pretend to hook, press +d+w in one go, and find others by myself. I won't say "brStreet basketball canceledush the basket" and "unreal turn and throw" to cancel the air connection, etc
How to cancel RC or tilt back in street basketball
RC can not be cancelled. It can only be cancelled when equipped with skills (DS). After entering the 3-point line and pressing the direction key to quickly DS, there will be a fake pass. Now the jump used to deceive PF is very useful. The back tilt cancellation should refer to fake 2 (pass direction +r)
Street basketball canceled

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