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How to guess basketball

Street basketball bar street basketball warning

2022-06-23 20:56How to guess basketball
Summary: The latest bad channel in street basketball zone 3You also play on the street ` I play zone 5, zone 2, Zone 8, zone 5, zone 08 ` zone 3 'I don't know ` ` you can go to the street basketball Baid
The latest bad channel in street basketball zone 3
You also play on the street ` I play zone 5, zone 2, Zone 8, zone 5, zone 08 ` zone 3 'I don't know ` ` you can go to the street basketball Baidu Post Bar to have a look ` it may be helpful for you`
Street basketball warning
Send a note warning! On January 1, the number was officially closed down!! But you can rest assured that there will inevitably be mistakes!! There are a lot of players in such a situation very anxious!! Don't worry, my feet are not afraid of crooked shoes. I also saw some complaints in Baidu Post Bar of street basketball!!! Don't worry, it's just some mistakesDa, why do you want to plaStreet basketball bar  street basketball warningy street basketball
Several factors of 3 points: 1 The level of ability value is a factor that determines the hit rate! So the level is meaningful! 2. Selling seats. It is suggested that the closer the three-point line is, the better. It is better to have a few seats you are used to. Generally speaking, 04590 degrees. These are common and appropriate selling pointsStreet basketball bar
The mipizaba of Baidu tieba is the tieba of SF. It has a lot of experience in SF's various techniques and even moves. Now it is gorgeous that is very popular
Street basketball post bar
1. The best thing about ah Wu lies in his hat and rebounds. The way he plays 33 lies in his own awareness and exploration. First of all, I said that you must practice boards well. You can try this in the cricket room. Although you are abused, you can find the height and range of your rebounding ability, followed by the hatStreet basketball bug
A bug is a violation of the rules of basketball. Mainly 2 dribbles. For example, the principle of instant layup when the back is pushed forward is that the skill slot surface is empty and solid. When the back is pushed to the layup range, press and hold W, press and hold, and add d before pressing. It is fast and can complete the action in an instant. There is also the cancellation of the reclineWhat is this? Street basketball bar does not exist
If you type "street basketball post bar" on the web page, don't look for it in the post bar. It's best to give it to me
Are street basketball bar skills common to all professions
Of course, all professions must be SS guards. They are necessary to pass the ball at the first time and pStreet basketball bar  street basketball warningounce on the back 2. Others can choose their own skills according to wheStreet basketball bar  street basketball warningther they like to cooperate or score. If they think it is unnecessary, they can learn to score quickly by shooting 3 points for 1 and 3 on the back. For F, it is necessary becauseStreet basketball bar  street basketball warning 2 professionsStreet basketball post bar question ~ ~! Yes ~ ~
Um. I want 5 points, too. Give it to me Objectively speaking, the internal test to now 22 is really handsome. From the lines posted, only careful people can find it This kind of handsome from the heart is really handsome Loveliness can be felt from his kind-hearted actions and his lovely innocent postsIs street basketball back 2 really getting weaker
It's not that back 2 is not as sharp as before, but that more and more people are now able to prevent back 2, especially SG's back 2. Its lethality is getting lower and lower. When the RMB skill of back 2 was first developed, everyone was blinded by a, and they don't know how to prevent it. Now they have found out the rules, so it's still PG cattle to be a person
Street basketball bar street basketball warning

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