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How to guess basketball

Top wolf of street basketball energetic and motivated girl

2022-06-23 13:04How to guess basketball
Summary: All the special characters of street basketballShaqi, an 18-year-old girl full of energy and motivation, was attracted by the charm of street basketball, left the school gymnasium and went to the stre
All the special characters of street basketball
Shaqi, an 18-year-old girl full of energy and motivation, was attracted by the charm of street basketball, left the school gymnasium and went to the street court with enthusiasm. However, because she had no place to go, she taught the children nearby to play basketball every dayStreet basketball ~
Hehe, what skills do you want to know about street basketball? Street basketball is mainly for beauty and practicality. Beauty is used to win the appreciation of the audience, which is not very important. Basketball is in the heart. It has nothing to do with the audience. Don't let the spectators' views affect your enthusiasm for basketball. Practical is some basketball skillsAsk for a "super cool street basketball team name!!!" < \lt; ask urgently, and you'd better take the word "wolf"
Reborn, leading "Hitop", community "street", leading role "Dancing" street "forces, peak I think, I know so muchWhat are the top street basketball players in the NBA
Because Marbury's street basketball in New York is a great God level existence, and his reputation is very loud. Cross step dribbling is his signature action. After playing street ball for a long time, he has developed the habit of fighting alone and won a nickname in the NBA “ Lone wolfHot blood street basket wolf tooth return sequence
PF、PG、C、SF、SG。 The hot blood street basket official issued a statement that wolf Fang would return to the factory in the order of PF, PG, C, SF and SG. In addition, the hot blood Street Basketball Association will launch three new characters in May 2022, namely, phantom orangutan, June tyrant and three young people, which is worth looking forward toThere are several special roles in street basketball
Ah Wu introduced that he is 202cm tall and weighs 95kg. He is more suitable for playing C. rebounding is also his specialty. Although he is only 19, ah Wu has been in the street basketball circle for more than ten years. As a hybrid of Native American and old American residents, he has a distinctive physical feature: blonde hairRecommended novice guide for street basketball players
The first recommended rTop wolf of street basketball  energetic and motivated girlole for street basketball mobile game power forward PF is the white bear. The white bear's talent is to attack under the basket: block resistance +7%, which is suitable for Tactics: players with strong offensive and defensive abilities can play two positions: power forward and center. Conventional playing methods are more suitable, and novice players are more suitableWhat role is better for street basketball
It depends on your ability. If you steal the board, you can play pf or C. if the board is not very strong, you can play SF. 2 is very accurate. SF requires you to be able to play all professions. He is omnipotent and competent for any role! The requirements are quite high! If you are a novice, I suggest you play g, which is easier to get startedStreet basketball
You should first look at your ability. It is better to be around 40; Secondly, there is no reason not to go in if no one makes a positive investment; If you shake people down, you can also throw, and the progress probability is also very high; In the end, I still rely on practice. If I practice more, I will have a feelingStreet basketball hand tour wolf king Garnett playing street ball
Duncan's historical status is much higher than that of Garnett, because in a team like the Spurs, Garnett almost blew Duncan out, playing back singles, and Garnett's peak is better than that of Duncan! Athletic talent, shooting ability, breakthrough ability, personal ability in peak period
Top wolf of street basketball energetic and motivated girl

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