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How to guess basketball

Street basketball shield explain a problem

2022-07-01 17:03How to guess basketball
Summary: Street Basketball - Technical PFWell, I'll talk about it slowly... First of all, let's talk about the current situation. I don't know why people are c-stop now. It's estimated that C is be
Street Basketball - Technical PF
Well, I'll talk about it slowly... First of all, let's talk about the current situation. I don't know why people are c-stop now. ItStreet basketball shield  explain a problem's estimated that C is better than PF. To illustrate a problem, although PF is an internal line, it is absolutely different from C. To play pf well, we must first position ourselves. Pf's self positioning: PF, power forward, bigHow can pf score best in street basketball
1. With an open shot, 2. Try to take three steps as much Street basketball shield  explain a problemas possible. 3. Combine virtual and free dunks. You can score directly with virtual and real shots. AfteStreet basketball shield  explain a problemr a few rounds, you can choose to shake the other parStreet basketball shield  explain a problemty up and dunk F, so that the other party can't figure out your scoring means. 4. Combine layups and DD. the reason is the same as that under 35 baskets. Don't worryWho is the PF of street basketball and the C of the same level
This depends on the technology. PF is only an auxiliary role in rebounding. C is the shield, PF is the spear, one main attack and one main defense. However, C's rebounding ability is higher than pf's, and the board holding ability is the comprehensive ability of bouncing + reboundingWhere is the street basketball shield dog from
The building owner dundun is from Chengdu, and the game is from zone 4Street basketball auxiliary map, dedicated to SG and C and PF
Street basketball auxiliary map, dedicated to SG and C and PF &\xe768; Let me answer a question # hot discussion # should married women undertake most of the housework at home? Helingyuan 2011-04-25 TA received more than 104 likes. Know the main answer: 57 adoption rate: 0% help: 27Street basketball rules
Street basketball rules are actually half court basketball (three on three) rules. The following rules are copied to you: except for the following special casesWhat are the famous gods of FS street basketball
Lightning, trucks, shield dogs, matchmakers, etc., are not great gods. They have played national competitions. There are also some famous teams such as the spirit of smile, etc. every year, there are also dark horse teams in dangrang, which is probably all
Street basketball women have shouts. What do women and men have
A man has a shield. Everyone calls him a shield dog. It is also a C who reacts very quickly in zone 1. He is also a great GodHow about C in street basketball
It depends on whether you like C. No matter how good C is, it's useless if you don't like it. C is good at jumping and has height advantage. In terms of rebounds, if you have good skills, you are definitely one and two. Gai Mao is also very strong, not to mention after buying strong blocks and blocksWhat are the gun board skills in street basketball
C, the jump time of the direction key of the card position is OK as long as these match well. Personally, I think the most important thing is the card position. It's about a step or two away from the basket, and you should always use the arrow keys to block the opponent's players to grab the board
Street basketball shield explain a problem

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