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How to guess basketball

Street basketball special for women

2022-07-01 10:02How to guess basketball
Summary: What is the female special role suitable for PG in street basketballAnswer: at present, there are 4 special guards in the national basketball uniform, not including Yu en and Yu Bin. Alice: first of a
What is the female special role suitable for PG in street basketball
Answer: at present, there are 4 special guards in the national basketball uniform, not including Yu en and Yu Bin. Alice: first of all, many people think Alice is suitable for sg Alice's special abilities are running +2, 3 points +1, steals +2, and there is no passing and dStreet basketball special for womenribbling that PG needs very muchWhich special role does the street basketball female pf choose best
If you are an old hand, hey hey, no one is bad!! Even for ordinary female characters, they are playing like wind and water. Therefore, if you want to recommend them, give them an order. Fan ai'ai, Micah, apple, Ophelia, orange ~ ~ ~ OK ~ have a good gameWhich female numbers in the special role of street basketball are suitable for playing G
Among the special roles, the following female characters are suitable for playing G: those suitable for playing PG are: Sha Qi, strawberry, Mu Rui, Zhaoxi; Suitable for playing SG: Alice, bee, cocoa, liutianwei, Venus, Charlotte, spring millennium; It is recommended that female characters choose PG because SG has more shots than PGStreet basketball female C special which is good
The plank house is easy to mix. So, I suggest you start Nini. However, if you want to contact 33, you should recommend ah 5, because ah 5 is the best role in C. It is large, can be folded, has high ability, can work Street basketball special for womenfor seconds, and has a hat (it depends on personal skills). I'm used to playing female C, and I want to get started. Ah 5 has triedWhich is good for street basketball women to practice pf
The fast bouStreet basketball special for womennce speed of the female PF is a major feature. In special roles, Mika's bounce and score are very strong, while Apple's defense and rebound are not bad, but the common problem of the female PF is that the blocking is not very good. Oufei is suitable for SF, not PF. And the red haired one you said is from the fsgilr originally sent by Tianyou, tooIntroduction to the special role of street basketball
Two roles: Shaqi ordinary role gender: female height: 153cm 160cm initial ability running 4241 bouncing 1010 body confrontation 1010 passing 4140 dribbling 4341 rebounds 0909 blocked 0909 steals 4141 middle shots 21213 points 4040 dunks 0909Street basketball about women's special roles
Let me tell you. If you believe me, you will listen to me. If you are a rebounding PF, Micah is the best 68 yuan! If you are a defensive type, you must choose a male role as PF! (women's hat can't be buttoned blue) you can try it if you don't believe itThe best looking woman for a special role in street basketball! Guard, center and forward are OK! Thank you
The striker is Mika! After transferring to PF, the backboard is very strong! Very beautiful! And Ophelia who transferred to SF! The center is Nini and the new character "mantis" is very beautiful! Guard SG ShaqiStreet basketball I want to play a special role of that woman in PF, OK
I played Micah. Small size is both an advantage and a disadvantage, which is conducive to attack and slightly worse defense. However, Mika is Mika after all, and it is really cool to play. WG's ability is balanced. In fact, this is not a prominent advantage. You have a particularly prominent ability in the street, and that's ox X! What does pf want? PlateWhat is the name of the female special roleStreet basketball special for women of street basketball in 2008? They are the ones who are twisting around. It's a
When you enter the game, there is a button to buy a special character in the lower corner of the interface where the task is displayed. You can go in and find what you want to buy. The female character you mentioned is guard Shaqi, which can be bought for about 68 yuan now
Street basketball special for women

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