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How to guess basketball

Street basketball Leo Leon power forward: Lion

2022-06-30 15:03How to guess basketball
Summary: The position of street basketball represented by 12 constellationsCenter: Taurus, Libra, power forward: Lion, cancer, Aquarius, small forward: Gemini, Molian, shooting guard: shooter, virgin, point gu
The position of street basketball represented by 12 constellations
Center: Taurus, Libra, power forward: Lion, cancer, Aquarius, small forward: Gemini, Molian, shooting guard: shooter, virgin, point guard: Scorpio, Pisces, AriesWhat will happen to the 12 constellations of street basketball Tour
Scuffle, Westward Journey, gunfight, tararia
How to get the constellation medal for street basketball
The method of obtaining the constellation medal is very simple. You can only buy the constellation treasure box through counting coupons. The constellation treasure box is a 30 point coupon, which can randomly issue 1~3 constellation medals. According to the player who opened the treasure chest, someone 164 issued 50 constellation medals. On average, 40 medals cost 150RMBWho speaks for street basketball now
The exclusive version of "Wonder Girls" launched by street basketball for the Spring Festival makes an Zhaoxi, park Yuen and Xuan Mei special characters in the game. They have stronger ability values than ordinary characters, exclusive actions and music background, and cooperate with a large number of exclusive activitiesHow to get the constellation totem of street basketball
March is a warm season. "Street basketball" welcomes the limited time constellation player of this month - Aries Xiaobai (sg/ shooting guard). With a strong talent of three points of lateral drift, it will set off a new outside storm. Every shot will explode your universe! YouIntroduction to the role of sunspot basketball
Introduction: the big brother of the American era who led Vulcan to play basketball. After returning to China, he now belongs to the basketball department of Yangquan University (grade two). Reunited with Vulcan in the street basketball game. His appearance is eye-catching. He is a poker face handsome man who does not admit defeat. Yeshan Kotaro gender: male attributes: Leo, blood group B, Zhengtai, Xigan, sunshineWho is the spokesman of street basketball now
So hee's nicknames: steamed bread (which is called "steamed bread facStreet basketball Leo Leon  power forward: Lione" by Xianyi, which is called by fans, and is not taken by the princess), pompon (taken by xuanmei), an Xiaozi, an gentleman, rabbit, ()What are the activities of street basketball festivals over the years
From 16:00 on December 30, 2005, players can receive corresponding props from the official after recharging a certain amount of money. You can get them back when you recharge them. Don't miss it! In order to thank the players for their love and attention to "street basketball" since the public beta, the official launched the "Christmas recharge tattoo" during the Christmas periodStreet basketball hand tour Leon how much is Leon
Time: from July 21 to July 27, Leo player Leon came on stage. During the event, "Leon fortune bag" and "Leon premium fortune bag" entered the special store. Fser who likes Leo babies should not miss it! The price of Leon fortune bag is 1288 points. The content of the fortune bag: players - Leon * diamonds *288Which famous stars are Leo in the twelve constellations
It seems that Leo is particularly rich in strikers in European football, and they also show the characteristics of Leo very well. Leo's famous basketball stars include Kobe Bryant, Chamberlain (a typical Leo star), Knight Thurmond (a hall of fame player) and Bob cushy (a hall of fame player)
Street basketball Leo Leon power forward: Lion

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