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How to guess basketball

Street basketball antwan mainly watching

2022-06-29 19:02How to guess basketball
Summary: Street basketball antwan 173 height level 50 PG OKThere is no good or bad answer to this question. Only whether it is suitable for PG is the least controversial. Moreover, G is a position that has lit
Street basketball antwan 173 height level 50 PG OK
There is no good or bad answer to this question. Only whether it is suitable for PG is the least controversial. Moreover, G is a position that has little impact on height. It mainly depends on personal playing style. Antwan is characterized by dribbling. Short height is helStreet basketball antwan  mainly watchingpful for dribbling, but the defense is relatively weak. If it is ability B, you can ignore these heightsAbout the role of antwan in street basketball
180cm Chou Wan, zone 1
Street basketball antwan
It depends on your preference. If it was me, I would choose SG, because I alreStreet basketball antwan  mainly watchingady have PG, ha ha... It mainly depeStreet basketball antwan  mainly watchingnds on the ability value of running and 3 points. Compared with other special g roles, PG is better for those with high running and SG is better for those with high 3 points. Of course, you can choose not to do this. It mainly depends on what you likeWhich do Venus and antwan buy for street basketball
Well, I've been playing FS for 9 years, nearly 10 years. In zone four. The great God dare not say, the old bird is still one! The two people you mentioned are newcomers who have come out in the past two years. Antwan is more suitable for PG point guards. He has strong breakthrough ability and ball control ability! But most girls don't like it very muchIs it better to choose antewan or DJ Jiang Malu for street basketball game practice SG
Almost. If you want to play well, you'd better practice your skills. SG depends on the initial 3 points and who is better at running. I also have a character who is really difficult to wear clothes. This character is so ugly that I can see it by wearing a mask on antwan's face. Jiang Malu is much betterWhat roles can the street basketball role change card change
. New changes: wuminjun, winter moon moye, spring millennium, autumn mubayun, Charlotte, Pippen, wuxiaopang, iceberg, magic Howard, Venus, Lisa, Garcia, coco, phantom bear, Jiang Malu, Shu Hao, Duncan, Jack, antwan, liyouran, fan Aixin. Introduction to street basketballAntwan of street basketball turns to PG. What is the height
This time, the American team is OK and has high abilities. Jack is C's first choice, Duncan is pf's first choice, and antwan is G's first choice. It can be said that using antwan as C is a waste of money. What can C do to strengthen his ability to score 3 points and run. PG can choose 170 for heavy defense and 160 for heavy attack. Your question is too one-sidedWhich man in the street basketball special role is suitable for practicing PG
Antwan is good. He is 180. You really don't believe that the lower he looks, the higher his three-point ability is. Therefore, the SG wants 180 PG in the ground insteaStreet basketball antwan  mainly watchingd. Good PG defense is what the organization wants: assists to the floor ball and defense. So 180pg is the king's way. If you believe it, you can adopt itStreet basketball I want to practice SG, antwan, wuxiaopang, simonge, ChiYan, which is better, ask for the big God
Appearance: Sigmund > Hematitis > Antwan = wuxiaopang 3 points ability: wuxiaopang > Hematitis > Antwan = Sigmund's running ability: antwan, wuxiaopang feel: Sigmund's dribbling and passing: antwan antwan is more suitable for PG, running fast, but 3 points are slightly lower. Sigmund feels the best. Old players say so. LooksWho is better in street basketball, Sunwukong or antwan
Personally, I think it's antwan... Actually, I think the shape is OK. The shape of Monkey King is completely defeated... Antwan is quite good in terms of capability value
Street basketball antwan mainly watching

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