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How to guess basketball

Street basketball special C

2022-06-29 15:04How to guess basketball
Summary: What special role does street basketball C playBoth the board and the cap are good. Then there is leisurely. I feel very hard and flexible. I am just as powerful as Jack. Ah Wu, the first special C no
What special role does street basketball C play
Both the board and the cap are good. Then there is leisurely. I feel very hard and flexible. I am just as powerful as Jack. Ah Wu, the first special C now looks very soft. I can't afford all kinds of things, but I'm weak in chasing them. Slow rebounding. Although many people insist on ah Wu, compared with other speciaStreet basketball special Cl people, ah Wu is really inferior. Female CThe choice of special role C in street basketball
Raymond, not very good. The bonus is rebounds, blocks, dunks, and close shots. It's a weak point to add an inside attack, which is meaningless. So this point is worse than the other two C's. It's more inclined to SC Raymond and a 5 than their height is too poor, and their ability is not too poor. Nini is a rebounder. She has 43 rebounds and blocks are too poorStreet basketball special role C selection
Ah Wu: the most successful special role in street basketball, 2cm higher than ordinary C, is easier to stop, has a large body, is easier to lock, is easier to pick and roll, has strong physical resistance, has the best hat, bounces well, and is handsome. (I play ah Wu). The best option is to choose C and a-5, both offensive and defensive. If you play for a long time, you canStreet basketball wants to play a special role of C. I don't know which one to play well
If you like, you can choose the black one which is more handsome If you like the clean one with a little white face, you can choose the white and lovely one C's technology is mainly personal, and the fat man confrontation is OK It doesn't have to be special No one is invincible. Most of them are technology. There are good and badStreet basketball special role C how to grab the board, to be detailed ~
Other people's screens seem to be seconds to the board. In fact, there are many intervals between them, but they just use their own highest point (Note: the highest point of punching board is higher than the highest point of card board) punching board: punching board is the most gorgeous and powerful way of punching board in street basketball. DonStreet basketball special C't say that ghost board is the strongestWhich special role is good for street basketball attack C
Raymond, because CIC is a little more than ah Wu and runs a little more. A little more than three. Because Raymond is a thin C, the attack frequency is much faster than ah Wu. But the only disadvantage is that it is only 1.95 meters high. Yu Bin is OK, too, because she runs 2 points more than ah WuStreet basketball special role C
Nini, 167, better speed and steals. Of course, the height and rebounds of ah Wu 203 are also goodWhich special role of street basketball can be practiced well
First, it depends on whether you play 2v2 or 3v3 Playing 2v2 C is mainly board Nini is a Street basketball special Cspecial character who is suitable for grabbing the board Her rebounding ability is 2 points higher than that of common people And take off quickly Known as the jump C. is the dominant player under the basket of 2v2 And the C of 3v3 is mainly capped Special character a Wu has 2 more blocks than ordinary CWhich C is the best street basketball special character
Ah Wu, 202 in height, has high physical resistance, rebounds and blocks. Ah Wu is the best candidate for C. Or a new apple. But height matters. Less than 4 boards per second. AWU is the best C. The appearance of the character is also very handsomeSelection of special role C in street basketball
If you play C, it is recommended that you play male characters, which can better cover your sight. As for the role, it's up to you. The fifth brother is stronger than Raymond in covering and defending. Raymond runs high and has an advantage in attack for filling the poStreet basketball special Csition. In fact, as long as you play well, any role can be very strong.. Suit, grade
Street basketball special C

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