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How to guess basketball

How to prevent strong attack in street basketball

2022-06-28 16:03How to guess basketball
Summary: How to prevent strong play in street basketballIf you are a center or forward (except for the super short forward)... Let him walk in on his head... Walk under the basket... He is strong... You hold W
How to prevent strong play in street basketball
If you are a center or forward (except for the super short forward)... Let him walk in on his head... Walk under the basket... He is strong... You hold W still... Keep an eye on his feet... As soon as you get off the ground, you will DD (it is best to suck, and if you don't, you will dry)How to prevent the vigorous dribbling and big dream steps in street basketball
Have you ever seen one that can prevent both types of W? Then he is really a god man... The second one you mentioned should be pf skills.. Break through the dribble.. Basically, there is no C that can guard against pf's w every time.. The two skills are used interchangeably.. It's not easy to prevent.. But the defense also depends on experienceHow can street basketball C prevent the big dream from falling 95%
Let's start with great efforts. First of all, I want to say that I have been playing for so long. Apart from the South Korean stick c-defense force that I saw at the 2010fs World Cup, I can hardly see who can be guaranteed not to fall after being pulled by the force in the national service. Let's talk about the method of stick C. after being strongly pushed, quickly press the interference (that is, a), and then push WHow to prevent street basketball
If you go to the right, even if he dribbles to the left for the second time, you won't fall. It seems that you can't carry people. I'm so defensive that I won't be carried down. Sometimes I'll be carried occasionally if I'm not careful. So I should concentrate and pay attention to each other's actions. Go and try what works, by the wayHow to prevent big dribble and big dream in street basketball
There are two ways to prevent the hard dribble: as mentioned above, before he makes the hard dribble, leave him and don't stick with him. Then he can't shake you down. (note that he should leave him in advance, and generally can predict when he will make the hard dribble. If he sees the hard dribble, he can leave
How to prevent pf's strength in street basketball
After the job transfer, both C and PF have brought their own great efforts, that is, left and right, but not in the same direction. For such a civil air defense, he only needs to be patient to see what direction he is heading for the first time, and then put him in the opposite direction. For PF with great strength, it is impossible to judge the direction of the second move, based on his habit on the courtHow to prevent strong attraction under the basket in street basketball
Press a and then W at the moment when the other party makes a strong effort. You can separate the two W states by interfering with this action at the time of A. if you are How to prevent strong attack in street basketballskilled, you can noHow to prevent strong attack in street basketballt fall down by 90%. The timing of a is very important. Practice with friends 1v1 more. This defense force is a little simpler, but big dream is a little more difficult, because big dream moves fasterHow to defend's hard dribble in street basketball? How can I not be shaken down? Seek expert solutions
If you run to the right or fall down when someone is trying to drive to the left, it means that the other party has installed a strong breakthrough dribble, that is, left or right. You have to run to the left 3. in fact, it is the same as the sudden truth of the defender (PG has a breakthrough dribble, which is equivalent to a strong breakthrough). 4 He urged you not to stick to him, you won't fall down, that's itHow to avoid hard dribble in street basketball
↑→ you continue to press w to retreat in the opposite direction, and you will never fall down after he dribbles hard! Second: Hat sucking. Those who are a little old in online games of internal players should perfectly control this bug. Hat sucking can be said to violate the principle of basketball. This bug also reflects "flash board" and "even a"! In a word, I personally feel that when I encounter a strong attack on the inside, I use itHow to prevent street basketball from dribbling hard? I am so old
As long as you follow his direction, you won't fall down~~ Or press and hold w first to resist him. When he wants to be strong, continue to press and hold W and walk backward. If he takes two steps, he won't be knocked down. When he is finished, you can press w to move over, so that you can easily prevent him
How to prevent strong attack in street basketball

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