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How to guess basketball

How to play street basketball

2022-06-28 10:03How to guess basketball
Summary: How to play street basketballW: Pick and roll (when teammates hold the ball) / block (when the opponent holds the ball) / dribble behind the back (when he holds the ball) s: steal (when the opponent h
How to play sHow to play street basketballtreet basketball
W: Pick and roll (when teammates hold the ball) / block (when the opponent holds the ball) / dribble behind the back (when he holds the ball) s: steal (when the opponent holds the ball) / pass (when he How to play street basketballholds the ball) a: break through the dribble (PG one second interval)
How to play street basketball well
I have numbers in many districts, and the one who practices most is g. I practHow to play street basketballice both SG and PG. The hit rate is almost the same, about 50%. Not high. It's not a brush, but a normal one. I don't pay much attention to the data. I care about the cooperation and competition process. If you want to make a good three-point pitch, first of all, remember to be calmHow to play street basketball
First, the card position: sometimes you think that the card position can recoil is fast! Or sometimes being stuck by others is not as good as others is at a disadvantage. Not really. That's because there are many times when you press D, it will cause you many misunderstandingsHow to play street basketball well
If you are a novice, you'd better play F first, brush the points to 7000, and then buy an SS. Pay attention not to shoot indiscriminately and pass more. When you want to shoot, you'd better not play C. when you are familiar with the playing method of FS, you can play g. If you want to play C, you'd better practice f ~! I have a little advice ~How to play street basketball
Let's practice ball first!!! This is very important! We have also come from this stage. 1.1 one hand swings the ball from the front to the side with both feet open. Hold the ball in front of the body with both hands. During practice, the left hand pushes the ball to the right hand, and the right hand leads the ball to the side of the body, and then pulls the ball back in front of the body to the left handHow is street basketball played
Street Basketball - playing method street basketball does not have high requirements for the venue and personnel allocation. It can be three to three or four to four, and the combination is optional; Several young people find a place with a basketball frame (if there is no basketball frame, it is OK to find a basket to hang high) to "show" basketball skillsHow to play street basketball - the number does not matterHow to play street basketball well
First, you can guard against the opponent's score. Second, you can create scoring opportunities by yourself. Third, you can pass the ball in place. If a teammate has an open block, you must quickly pass it out (unless you also have air defense). Fourth, you can help your teammates create opportunities and skillfully use the learned skills
How to play street basketball
Come to think of it, don't look for a master. Everyone in the street basket is your master. I've learned from playing until now. When I first played, I saw that my opponents and teammates were strong. I learned how others played. I learned how others played. I learned how to defend and attack. I also learned how to catch the ball in the g-line, fake shots, and then run. Everyone is your masterHow to play street basketball
For beginners, it is recommended to play C, first get the rebound awareness, and then gradually get familiar with the speed, that is, play F, and then g. when playing F, practice shooting and layup. Note: when practicing F and C, try to have as few a as possible. When playing g, you need to practice passing and 3 points. 3 points is the open catch shot. 3 points is the passing and 3 points are the points after passingHow to play street basketball
Finally, let's talk about rebounding when the network speed is not stuck First of all, it should be made clear that rebounds are not always available. If you fail to grab the first two rebounds at the beginning of the game, you think you should jump early next time. In this way, you will lose your rhythm and even no rebounds So how did the expert get the backboard? Two C rebounds
How to play street basketball

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