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How to guess basketball

Throw street basketball

2022-06-27 15:04How to guess basketball
Summary: How to throw basketballAs for how to practice the wrist, it is recommended to practice dribbling. Learning a little about the dribbling method of street basketball is helpful for the flexibility of th
How to throw basketball
As for how to practice the wrist, it is recommended to practice dribbling. Learning a little about the dribbling method of street basketball is helpful for the flexibility of the wrist and fingers. Finally, practice slowly and quickly. At the beginning, just have the throwing posture. Don't care how slow it is. The more familiar it is, the faster it isWhat are all the shooting methods of G (including SG and PG) in street basketball? Attention is all
!~ One of the most practical shooting skills ~ 6 Fixed point 3 points: the fixed point is very strong How slow~ 7. illusory projection: a skill that is difficult to cover~ 8. push blue: it's hard to cover ~! 9. back 3 points: I don't remember the name. It seems to be
Street basketball PG throw layup
As long as there is no one in front of you and there is a certain distance from the basket, you Throw street basketballcan go out, just like the blue back dunk, tThrow street basketballhere is no person time in front of you
How to use the imaginary turning throw in street basketball
1. Check whether the skill is successfully equipped into the skill slot. 2. determine your position. You can't launch in the iThrow street basketballnner restricted area or outside the three-point line. It can only be started in the middle area. 3. based on the basket and facing the basket, try to press and hold the left or right direction key in the 90 degree arc top areaStreet basketball SG's crotch throw is worth buying
Definitely not worth it.. Because the crotch and toss are the easiest shots to be shot.. The pitching speed is slow and the shooting point is low.. Achilles heelHow to cover the guard's illusory turn and throw in street basketball? Speak more carefully
There is a little difference between the way of illusory turning and throwing and the way of Lingbo micro step hat. After the imaginary turn and throw, you can take the moment when you are ready to shoot. The position is about the size of three people from him, preferably diagonally opposite. Lingbo is the instant shot, with the same position
How to operate the throwing skill of street basketball
How to use street basketball hand game throwing type: the attack is to avoid the defender, and the high arc throwing is carried out during the layup. Additional attribute: medium distance layup +30 usage: medium distance area: chance to trigger unlocking level during layup: this skill can be learned at level 26How to do throwing in basketball
"Throwing" should be a new technology in the basketball field. The key of its action is that the players suddenly copy the ball and throw the ball gently into the basket to score in the process of high-speed ball control. The main feature of this technique is that the ball is released suddenly, mostly at a distance of 445 metersThrow street basketball from the basket. The ball controller usually does not need to jump too highHow to cast in street basketball game? Specific operation
If I'm not mistaken, do you mean the aerial throwing in the PG skill of throwing? Which is the skill of air contact. There should be teammates within the layup position range, and there should be spaceHow to practice the "one handed throwing" technique in street basketball
You can also learn the movements in style
Throw street basketball

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