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How to guess basketball

Street basketball C Block

2022-06-27 13:02How to guess basketball
Summary: Block technique of street basketball CThe ordinary power, see the direction of the first time, go back and forth. After the power breakthrough dribble, move to the direction of his first time. If the
Block technique of street basketball C
The ordinary power, see the direction of the first time, go back and forth. After the power breakthrough dribble, move to the direction of his first time. If the big dream didn't take me, just s. On the side of the layup station, just make sure it can't absorb you. Generally, you don't need to press the direction key to cover the cap under the basket, and you can absorb it yourselfIs the blocking ability of C in street basketball related to bouncing? What's the difference between bouncingStreet basketball C Block and rebounding
1. of For example, if your block is 45 and your bounce is 20, 45+20=65, if your opponent's mid shot or three points are lower than yours, you have a higher chance of covering him. If your block and bounce are higher than yours, you have a lower chance of covering him. 2. bouncing is also related to rebounding. The difference is that one grabs the board and the other grabs the reboundWhat is the detailed tutorial of street basketball C Block
Basic layup sequence. Fast layup. Strike a board. 360. generally, there are only 2 types of C. One is a fast layup. It works well. High resistance. And a layup. Just look at the hands of ordinary layups. Fast layups should be reflected quickly. Basically, when you see C's hands and body moving at the same time. D is comingStreet basketball C Block standing skills? Score later
Personally, it can be divided into two types. ① when you are in the innermost part and under the basket, C will generally give you a strong pull. At this time, you must hide behind. However, at this moment, C often eats his heart. Make a fake a layup (this is also common in official competitions. You can see it when you watch the video)Street basketball C Block skills? When to cover and when to catch
His second step was to cover before he stepped Street basketball C Blockout, leaving a little distance in front of him. Otherwise, it would be "ah ah ah ah". It was difficult to cover the layup with a changStreet basketball C Blocke of hands. The left side was better. His feet were wide apart. He took off at the highest point to cover the cap. The right hand was not very good at covering, because there were not many people using it. After that, you can lean back, move out and stick on the coverHow to master the blocks, positions and points of street basketball C
This can not be said in a word. C's ability to block shots is relatively strong, and its ability is related to factors such as hat sucking and chasing. Here I'll tell you some simple blocking skills, which are limited to novices: all dunks have the first chance, even ordinary dunks. Kirby and air walking are notBlock ability of street basketball C
In fact, when the ball reaches that point, you jump slower than the ball. When you cap, you move a little distance to the direStreet basketball C Blockction of the ball flying to the basket. When you move to the ball point mentioned above, you cap or catch it. If you don't understand it, go to see more C videos. There is a block teaching video on 33. ComWhat are the benefits of high block ability of street basketball -c
There are mainly 2 high caps The probability of covering is higher A little earlier and a little later Of course, except for some difficult postures, there is also a position that can cover people's personal feeling after 90. The probability of counterfeiting is small (that is, it was built at the right time, but it didn't happen.)FS street basketball C hat
Inside shotDoes block cap of street basketball C have something to do with bouncing
Absolutely not! Do you want to change your shoes to bounce? It is recommended that you never compete with others. In addition to being easy to bump into others and not easy to fall down, the higher the defense, the lower the opponent's hit under the basket! Bounce is only useful for PF dunks
Street basketball C Block

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