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How to guess basketball

Street basketball points official activities

2022-06-27 06:51How to guess basketball
Summary: How to brush points quickly in street basketballGo to 3v3 and get more MVPs! (I think 2v2 is faster) tattoo with points! 2v2 can charge points! Official activities! Rush points to send points! Double
How to brush points quickly in street basketball
Go to 3v3 and get more MVPs! (I think 2v2 is faster) tattoo with points! 2v2 can charge points! Official activities! Rush points to send points! Double open or 3-open and 4-open games, card tattoo, self brush. (don't ask me how to double open)
How can I get points in street basketball
Then you can only get points by playing the game! There are also some cards to give points during activities, and then points to buy boxes There are also very small chances, such as winning a prize, awarding, and so on! Of course, you can also get more points by double opening and card integral tattooHow to use street basketball points
You can buy a catch-up basket)Street basketball points  official activities. G had better not buy shooting moves. After level 16, you basically know what skills are useful and should be able to choose. Finally, you can go to the game to see what skills are used by experts in various positions. You can buy the optiStreet basketball points  official activitiesonal ones according to your own conditions. The extra points must be used for training
How Street basketball points  official activitiescan you get more points in street basketball
1. When purchasing tattoos, we recommend 50 800 point coupons. At the end of the tattoo list, they are all 2. log in the game after 6:00 p.m. on Friday, and double points 3 Specially find someone to brush the score. The grade is obviously higher than yours Double points experience after defeat
Street basketball points, how to get more
Two methods: 1. You win the 3v3 game and become an MVP. 2. You set a bet on 1v1. Generally, you set 300 points. If you win, you will get 300+ your normal points of 1v1 victory. This method is risky. If you lose, you have to pay 300 points to your opponentCan you only score points in street basketball
No, street basketball points can also be obtained by lottery. For example, habao. Com will send 2000 points to your street basketball number as long as you apply. There is also a skill nest treasure box in the street basketball mall. You can draw points, at least 2000 points. With good luck, you can also draw permanent skill nests That's all I knowHow to score points in street basketball
Advanced training with new characters' each training can only get one point in each account 'and there is no need to create new characters You can buy a treasure chest. If you can't get anything else, you will get 2000 points A treasure chest with 100 coupons= 1 yuan
How about street basketball? Points come quickly
The quickest way to earn points is to fill some coupons, and then buy a gift box. It is recommended to buy a skill slot box and open 2000 points once. Even if you open the slot, only you can earnHow do I get street basketball points
I believe LZ is a player who doesn't punch the roll, and I don't usually punch the roll (but I still need to buy the hungry equipment and skills). Naturally, the way to get points is to play a game, 2v2 or 3v3, and get AA or AAA. This is the fastest way to get pointsHow do you get the points in street basketball
There are many ways to get points 1` buy a treasure chest, 1rmb=2000 points, and sometimes yStreet basketball points  official activitiesou can get other props 2 ` sell your own props and you can exchange points 3 ` if you buy a tattoo, +200% of the tattoo can accelerate to get points 4` draw a lottery on the website, with 1rmb2000 points, which can be assembled for use in the game
Street basketball points official activities

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