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Street basketball pop-up

2022-06-26 09:02Basketball guessing rules
Summary: How do I play street basketball to pop up report failed and then drop my laptop win7Many friends of win7 system always encounter this situation when playing FS, including me before. Haha, but I accide
How do I play street basketball to pop up report failed and then drop my laptop win7
Many friends of win7 system always encounter this situation when playing FS, including me before. Haha, but I accidentally tried a method today, and then it was all right. Anyway, I haven't dropped the line again after playing this afternoon. The method is very simple. First copy your street basketball folder and make a backupHow to eliminate a pop-up window for viewing information in street basketball games
I have played this game for a period of time, and there is no such situation. My friends don't have any. When you enter the game, there is a window when you select a character. When you start the game, there is no window. Try uninstalling and reinstaStreet basketball pop-uplling
Street basketball will pop up game run failed every time you enter for and. I have reinstalled many
The first one: click desktop properties,Street basketball pop-up settings, advanced, troubleshooting, and set the hardware acceleration to none (full if none). The second one: the system may be win7. Download the language pack. This language pack can solve your compatibility problem. Streetball is an old game in 2005. It is not supported as a win7 systemPlaying street basketball always brings up irrelevant web pages
The next 360, and then the IE repair can solve the problem. I have also encountered itWhen you open street basketball, a dialog box pops up. The driver fails to load. It may be blocked by anti-virus software or firewall
Game download incomplete, uninstall and reload! Or the uninstallation is incomplete, the file remains, and there are conflicts! (original, author: Liwang History) the computer has troStreet basketball pop-upjan horse or virus interference, or the game has trojan horse, anti-virus software, fStreet basketball pop-upull scan! Check whether the anti-virus software or the player conflicts. Uninstall the anti-virus software or the player and install itStreet basketball pop-up
Who said win7 couldn't work? Have you used it? I am win7 and Dx11 running smoothly without any problem. As for your problem, it must be wrong to uninstall the optimization master, because he has turned off some background services during optimization. You can open the optimization master to see if there is any "restore initial settings" and so on. AgainBlock chat often pops up during street basketball games? How to solve it
This situation is caused by the fact that the input method is not in English during the game. We have communicated with the Korean technicians and will correct this problem in the future. If this happens, you can press "ESC" to cancel the pop-up prompt box, press enter and use Ctrl + shift to switch the input method to EnglishHow did the program of street basketball pop up automatically in the middle
1. Guankaba 2 Check game integrity (under start game) 3 If you have any fire wall or other anti-virus software, add the game to the trust software. 4 The network is unstableWhy is street basketball ejected from the game
Change it again. The password is more complicated Don't tell anyone Try againWhat's the matter with street basketball playing out when you go in
Is it a pop-up game? I don't play ESC every day. You still need a professional to answer this question. It's best to find someone who understands computers
Street basketball pop-up

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