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Basketball guessing rules

Street basketball raccoon probably from paipai tribe

2022-06-25 23:44Basketball guessing rules
Summary: Street basketball jack or raccoonNo doubt, JackIs raccoon representative suit a street basketball costumeI haven't heard of it. Maybe it's patting the tribeThe entanglement of spiders and Pippen
Street basketball jack or raccoon
No doubt, Jack
Is raccoon representative suit a street basketball costume
I Street basketball raccoon  probably from paipai tribehaven't heard of it. Maybe it's patting the tribeThe entanglement of spiders and Pippen in street basketball
2. Running type, spider ~ Xiaorui ~ huangxiaoming is recommended. SF's skill is very deceptive, and his ability to catch and throw the ball is also very strong. The running type mainly confuses the opponent with the deception type of skills, creates shooting opportunities for oneself, and mainly tests consciousness. Intersperse ~ fake ~ seek cover, etc. 3. Another typeWho played Duncan C and raccoon C at the same time
Special abilities are very high. It depends on whether you like this profession or not. Duncan f also played very well, mainly due to his personal skills. I have always believed that street basketball competition, Or a large number of technologies in general, although special, really realize the advantagesStreet basketball fantasy bear good ah Wu good is also a center for comparison
Personally, I think a-5 is a classic work of C. It is the template of C in terms of shape and ability. But it also depends on what mode you play. 33 or 22. If you play 33, the hat is very important. I recommend you to choose a-5. If you play 22, you can play magic bear. 22 focuses on rebounds, and the magic bear runs faster than a-5Street basketball special character C who is good
Good rebounds: a Wu, Duncan, Howard and raccoon blocks have a good feel: liyouran, Jack and a Wu have a comprehensive feel: a Wu's female C is generally weaker than the male C in blocks, but her body is small and easy to maneuver, which is more convenient to move and remove gears. At the same time, the backboard does not fall. The available roles for female C are Chen Ruolin, Nini, mantis and appleWhich special street basketball looks like black and fat
In terms of body size, ah Wu and raccoons look like black and fatStreet basketball APU Garcia Li Youran which role is better
Li Youran is too feminine and doesn't like it personally; A Wu's height is an advantage, but his ability is slightly inferior to that of Garcia and Li Youran; Garcia's ability value is good, but it is too long without characteristics, and not many people see it online; In fact, Jack and raccoon are good choices. Jack's inside ability is very outstandingWhat are the rewards for the Super Cup champion of street basketball
The first round 1. winning the Super Cup onceWhat if the conditions for activating the badge of street basketball are insufficient
You can see it in the play. Block: ah Wu, apple, Nini, raccoon, Jack, Garcia
Street basketball raccoon probably from paipai tribe

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