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Basketball guessing rules

Street basketball ID card

2022-06-25 17:01Basketball guessing rules
Summary: Can the ID card of the anti addiction system of street basketball be changedNo! It can't be modified. It's fixed. There's no way to modify itCan the ID card of the anti addiction system in st
Can the ID card of the anti addiction system of street basketball be changed
No! It can't be modified. It's fixed. There's no way to modify itCan the ID card of the anti addiction system in street basketball be filled in again
Just change the ID card number in the revision information But you should use the real ID number and name Go to first COM, click to enter the home page. There is an anti addiction system entry in the left volume. Click to enter. Then there is ID card number reset, click. Then enter your account numberWhere do I set up my ID card for street basketball
On the official street basketball website, after logging in to your account, you can set the security verification in the profile modification or password change. If you don't know anything, ask me again and give you the answerIs the ID card for street basketball registration anti addiction? Or the ownership of the aStreet basketball ID cardccount
Of course, it's to prevent addiction. Otherwise, who will search the ID card online? Please rest assured, it has nothing to do with ownership
How to get the basketball coach certificate
 At present, there are not many children's basketball training. The first tier cities are relatively mature, and the training cost is about 2000. Online and offline classes; An eStreet basketball ID cardxcellent children's basketball coach not only takes the children to do a few simple moves, but also helps the childStreet basketball ID cardren to establish different sports plans at different ages. Can parents and babies be given suggestions on sports skills, psychological, physical development and sports nutrition; It is recommended to send the coach to lanbowen Institute for physical education. Nanjing lanbowen Sports Development Co., Ltd. aims to help the development of the sports training industry, provide the industry with a professional talent training system, develop high-quality course content and participate in the formulation of industry standardsCan I change my ID card number for street basketball? How can I change it if I want to
, click free registration, then click the game activation in the middle above, and then log in to your account. At this time, you will see the anti addiction registration on the right. Click enter to modify the ID number and nameHow to reset ID card for street basketball
Enter the application interface (the page of adding account and password) and there is a slogan on the left of this page - have you got a pass? And then click the anti addiction application below to enter your account password and enter the modification page to enter the new ID number. Pure hand play, I wish you a happy day, to be adoptedStreet basketball ID card
Changed on the official website. You can see that if you don't fill in your ID card, you will be automatically classified as "anti addiction" so that your experience will be halved as long as you complete 3 hours a day 5 hours of experience is 0, and you can only activate one zone; With ID card, you can play unlimited and activate 2 zones
Can I modify my street basketball anti addiction ID card
No, only one ID number can be registered, and the registered one cannot be used (the system will prompt). And once the anti addiction system is filled in, it cannot be changed. Unless you wait until the ID number you filled in is 18 years old.. My experience points are very few after 3 hoursHow do I check my ID card for street basketball
I don't like to talk too much. Let me tell you the point! 1. do you know why street basketball accounts are so cheap? A: because there is a security password. The security password cannot be modified. That is to say, others sell you the number. You can also sell your account to others. Because he can retrieve the login password of the game account at any time. SoCan street basketball IStreet basketball ID cardD card information be modified
The official identity information has not clearly stated that it can be modified. Only auxiliary information such as security code can be modified. Identity information is the only thing bound but clear to retrieve the account password. So generally, accounts with ID cards are not sold because they have a low sense of security
Street basketball ID card

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