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Basketball guessing rules

Street basketball Tencent mobile game

2022-06-24 21:34Basketball guessing rules
Summary: How to enable remote login verification for street basketballStreet basketball mobile game is a 3v3 fair competitive leisure sports mobile game authorized by the end game developer Joycity company, de
How to enable remote login verification for street basketball
Street basketball mobile game is a 3v3 fair comStreet basketball Tencent mobile gamepetitive leisure sports mobile game authorized by the end game developer Joycity company, developed by Beijing zhangqu Technology Co., Ltd. and operated by Tencent game. It was officially tested on January, 2017. The game tells the story of street basketball fans from all over the world gathered in the youth arena of street basketballHow to get the graffiti of Tencent street basketball mobile games
Graffiti drawn by the stStreet basketball Tencent mobile gameore can be won by lottery in the store, and can also be obtained by graffiti painting synthesis and star accumulation in single person mode. Graffiti painting can be obtained by lottery in the store and performance award in qualifying. Graffiti factory manufacturing when we have enough graffiti spray paint, click the graffiti factory on the left side of the screen, and you willTencent street basketball tour how to get Xuanfeng list of ways to get Xuanfeng
Activity time: from May 10 to May 16, the "Xuanfeng blessing bag" and "Xuanfeng advanced blessing bag" entered the special store. Do not miss the favorite Xuanfeng fser! The Xuanfeng blessing bag sells for 1266 coupons. The blessinStreet basketball Tencent mobile gameg bag contents: players - Xuanfeng * diamonds *288, gold coins *5000How to block the block of street basketball hand games
Street basketball is a competitive mobile game launched by Tencent. In the game, players can experience the enjoyment of scoring, shooting and dunkingAre the attributes of Tencent street basketball mobile game geniuses powerful? A list of talent players' abilities
His role on the court is to protect the basket! Talent: talent backboard street basketball hand tour pf power forward talent skill attribute atlas is so many. Talent has super bouncing ability. Players who like to grab backboard must have a good time. You must like itTencent street basketball mobile game how much is Dianguang? How to get Dianguang
There are two ways for new players to obtain PG electricity: the electricity blessing bag and the direct purchase in the mall. During the event, you can enter the special store through the electric light blessing bag or the electric light advanced blessing bag, and you can directly obtain players - electric light can be purchased directly in the game at the price of 666 couponsIs the mobile game street basketball represented by Tencent the same legal authorization as the end game street basketball_ Baidu
Yeah, it's a genuine license
Tencent mobile game street basketball how to use the space to connect
First, the ball holder must be within the three-point line. You can't use this skiStreet basketball Tencent mobile gamell out of the three-point line. The passing object must be close to the basket. Click the empty catch button to request the empty catch. After receiving the air receiving request, the ball holder clicks on the pass, so that he can cooperate to play the air receiving passIs Tencent street basketball tour fun
It's OK, but it's a little exaggerated
Tencent street basketball mobile game Xuanfeng matches what players Xuanfeng matches player recommendations
Play analysis: horizontal breakthrough + three points (CIC) uses the talent of Xuanfeng yinba to try to cross the opponent repeatedly. When the opponent falls to the ground, he shoots immediately. Of course, whether to choose three points or two points needs to be calculated according to the previous steps or the situation on the field
Street basketball Tencent mobile game

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