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Street basketball change key

2022-06-24 20:16Basketball guessing rules
Summary: Can I change the direction keys in street basketballOK, I remember telling you clearly last time. First click the option in the upper right corner - Keyboard setting - to see a default setting, then c
Can I change the direction keys in street basketballStreet basketball change key
OK, I remember telling you clearly last time. First click the option in the upper right corner - Keyboard setting - to see a default setting, then click Customize - and then change it in input 1 - for example, click the up button, and a key for selecting drug setting will pop upHow to change the key in street basketball
Magic earrings can be changed, not only the shortcut key for shouting, but also shooting. For example, if the original shooting is D, it can be changed to F. when pressing f in the game, it will have the same effect as the original D. people downstairs say I'm talking nonsense? Magic earrings cStreet basketball change keyan't be changed? Have you changed? I changed my mindHow can small forward of street basketball be rebuilt into a dead ball layup DD
In the key setting, the selection of the shooting key 1 is still D, aStreet basketball change keynd the selection of 2 is changed to the key you are used to, usually C or space, and then press both at the same time when the dead ball is played. There is no need to change the key for the dead ball layup. Generally, only the dead ball Lingbo, DD, and virtual and real Lingbo can be changed. Anyway, I am PS: I am not a great GodHow to change the keyboard for street basketball
It's OK to set the keyboard, but even so, it still needs a fast hand speed and a good rhythm
How can street basketball change the DD cap of C into a key
As you said, press a key, unless you set D to send continuously, but ifStreet basketball change key you want to grab the cap, press D until the grab cap appears. There are only a few key positions in street basketball, so it is not necessary to set the consecutive serve. Setting the consecutive serve also affects the rhythm. DD press more and play FS more. It will be OK slowly. I still recommend changing DD to DQCan I change the key position of the keyboard for street basketball
It can be changed! In the game, you have a setting in the upper right corner! Just click anywhereHow to change the key of street basketball SF
Generally speaking, SF reconstruction is to add a key of setting 2 to the D key. Depending on personal habits, some people are used to changing the space, some people are used to changing the Q or e. if you need to use the reconstruction, you can press two keys to achieve the effect of DDKey setting of street basketball
It's better to press the original key. The F-key PG connects to the PF free button in the air and needs to buy skills. After pressing the key, it's more confusing to ask: mine is SF. I saw a question about SF skills on the forum. I tried it and it's OK, but I want to change the key. F and D answer: SF seems to have no skills that need F-keyHow to change the shortcut key in street basketball
1-6 can't be changed, but if you buy magic earrings, you can customize the four keys 7890 You can try it
How to change the button for street basketball
Maybe the keyboard you use has conflicts. Many keyboard direction keys also have conflicts. I found them when I played basketball
Street basketball change key

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