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Street basketball man C

2022-06-24 19:01Basketball guessing rules
Summary: How many levels does the street basketball man C usually need to be on the high board in seconds200cm male C's rebounding ability 86+ bouncing 42+ can be 1 second high (the lowest high board) rebou
How many levels does the street basketball man C usually need to be on the high board in seconds
200cm male C's rebounding ability 86+ bouncing 42+ can be 1 second high (the lowest high board) rebounding ability 89+ bouncing 45+ can be 2 seconds high on the right (a little higher than high 1) but it is unstable and needs to rush the second. Generally, the probability of reaching the second is small. Rebounding ability 92+ bouncing 50+ high 2 is basically no problem. Rebounding ability 97+The difference between male C and female C in street basketball! Which is more suitable to play c
Upstairs, it was said that male C was not jumping high. In the plank room, male C was taller than female C and had the same ability. If you play 22, both men and women are the same, but if you play 33, you still recommend male C. It has a good effect of blocking your line of sight and a large range of pick and roll. All in all, male C. Hope to adoptWhat is the highest ability value of street basketball man C
If you don't add ability, the highest level of level 45 is 84, including 3 training sessions. If you buy ability clothes, you can improve them. For example, for a +11 suit, add 3 corners, and bring a hairstyle that adds 1. (1 is also added for decoration, but it cannot be brought with the corner
Is street basketball better for women or men
IStreet basketball man Cf I say that female C is good, especially in the earStreet basketball man Cly stage, because female C moves fast, this is the advantage, and the bounce is not bad. Male C's advantage is the high point. There may be some advantage in grabbing the high board, but I can block you and kill you. I just play C. There are 10.2 blue boards in zone 1 and 1-16, and I can't basically grab several C AllWhich ordinary person should I choStreet basketball man Cose to play C in street basketball? How many men? Skin? Height? Clothes
For ordinary male C, 200cm black fat (only the one with white eyes) is the best choice. Analysis: 1 Male C has great advantages in choosing the highest height of 200cm, which is very useful for folding, blocking and later second high boards. 2. heipang is the only ordinary person who can be as domineering as the No. 1 C A-wu. This must be the psychological pressure on the opponentIs street basketball better for male C or female C
How many questions does the other one upstairs have? It's better to choose male C. If your skills are good, you can choose male C. female C can use the second board, but not the second board. In fact, men and women are the same, just the difference in height. Don't take the most obvious example. Female g and male g. women have to add bounce to the block. Men don't need thisWhy do you think male C is Street basketball man Cbetter than female C in street basketball? Is it height? Is there pf
Male C and female C are the same. If you don't understand, don't talk about pf's second high 1 ability: jump 88 boards and 70 high 2: usually a 42 pf wearing (plus 11 plus 10 suit with board angle) can reach second high 2, but generally 42 pf doesn't dare to reach second high 2. It's because you have no bottom in your heart. You are too hesitant to make a second leak, thinking that you can't reach secondHow many seconds can the ability value of street basketball C be higher than 3
1 male, 2 meters high, above C 80 can take seconds; High 2 points: the ability to play the left basket and the right basket is 91 seconds, and the ability to play the left basket is 93 seconds, and the ability to play the right basket is more than 48 seconds; Before the third year of senior high school, the ability was at least 96 seconds. Now many people can reach 95 seconds, but it is a little difficult. It is still rumored that the bounce is above 50In street basketball, who is better, female C or male C? How tall is male C best? How tall is female C best
There is not much difference between male C and female C, and the highest height is chosen. If you want to keep playing and practicing until 40+, it will make a difference. The highest male C can rebound in 90 seconds, while the female C can only rebound in 95 seconds. This is the question of heightStreet basketball inside the man C how board! Master Jin~~~
First of all, there must be skill slots. If you don't have this skill, you'd better buy it first, and then put it into the slot and play
Street basketball man C

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