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Basketball guessing rules

PG role in street basketball

2022-06-24 13:03Basketball guessing rules
Summary: What special role does PG play in street basketballThat's the one with the bad cap. It's good to turn to SG. Alice, absolutely PG. Inside C, Nini fits the board, invincible. A five, suitable for
What special role does PG play in street basketball
That's the one with the bad cap. It's good to turn to SG. Alice, absolutely PG. Inside C, Nini fits the board, invincible. A five, suitable for taking risks. The new pair are the best. The F, the set and the SF are too low. They will definitely not score in the inside dunk. That C, Raymond, is simply the most ideal character for 3vs players. The board is full of themStreet basketball PG pile what ability 2021
Recommendation on PG ability of street basketball: long-distance layup is very important as the second offensive means of PG. if you are a super special role, you can choose or not to install it, because the special actionPG role in street basketball of long-distance layup of super special role is very easy to use. In my opinion, adding other actions is a bit of icing on the cakeWhat does street basketball PG mean
Which is the best street basketball PG special role? At present, only Rihanna and steel cannon are the special roles opened by the street basketball mobile game pg. let's take a look at the player information of the two roles first. Street basketball PG Rihanna street basketball PG steel cannon it can be seen from the above two pictures that the purchase prices of Rihanna and steel cannon are the sameStreet basketball PG special role which is good
Among the many point guards in the free basketball game, ling'er, Tyson and probe have strong strength and high ability value. They are very practical rolesWhich "ordinary" role does PG of street basketball choose
Choose ordinary characters to sPG role in street basketballee your personal preferences. If you play PG, the height can be adjusted at about 176, which is more balanced. The front and rear ability values are only one or two points. After a long time, your skills are not bad, which can be fully compensated
Which special roles are suitable for PG and SG in street basketball
It is suggested that female characters choose PG, because SG has more shots than PG, but female characters shoot "38 style" shots, which are slower than male characters and easier to take risks. In addition, the running speed of female characters is betterPG role in street basketball than that of male characters. In conclusion, female characters are more suitable for PG. Note: Diao Chan, Xiao QiaoWhich special character is suitable for street basketball PG? I like to pass the ball. WG and all special characters explain
In addition, those who can be g include Zhaoxi (strengthen passing and thrPG role in street basketballee points); Xianyi (strengthen CIC and three points); Xuanmei (enhanced steals and three points) is popular with Alice and Sigmund SG; Saki and bee PG, WG role at will. But actually, it depends on your preference. After all, the most important thing is to like the character's appearance and actionStreet basketball mobile game PG: what role to choose
Street basketball PG role. Do you want to know more about the strategies and relevant information of street basketball PG role? The following is a short series to bring you the sharing of street basketball PG role! What role should PG choose for street basketball mobile games? Street basketball hand tour PG point guard player recommendation, in the gamePG selection for special role of street basketball
Young Zhengtai Sigmund is the first choice for PG in street basketball. The reasons are as follows: from the perspective of image, young Zhengtai is cute and cute. From the perspective of ability, young Zhengtai's 3 points are more accurate than those of ordinary pg. the 3 points of PG can't stop Sigmund. His running is also very high. He began to dominate when he was not equipped in the early stageWhich is a good street basketball PG new role
The three roles of the U.S. team are the most capable in FS. It is recommended to use! (just a little ugly! --) PG uses the American team's antevan. For the same amount of money, his ability is better. His mind is balanced. Ha ha, the c-cap has the highest physical ability to resist dunking. It is an indispensable position in the regular game; SF is more moderate and various
PG role in street basketball

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