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Street basketball SG skills s running pass q

2022-06-24 07:08Basketball guessing rules
Summary: SG skills of street basketballChange hands to break through the quick scoring back 2 (if you have money) roll to the ground to catch the ball, perfect shot, lightning break, SG must buy skills: throwi
SG skills of street basketball
Change hands to break through the quick scoring back 2 (if you have money) roll to the ground to catch the ball, perfect shot, lightning break, SG must buy skills: throwing the ball (s, s) running pass (Q, e) back dribble, baStreet basketball SG skills  s running pass  qck tilt, if you have money, you can buy it Not usually usedStreet basketball SG skills  s running pass  qWhat are the best skills for street basketball SG
Let's talk about skills first ~ if you don't use the slot ~ just take a step back ~ss to catch the ball ~w~qe to pass ~freestyle is actually useless ~ shooting is the fastest oriStreet basketball SG skills  s running pass  qginal action ~ it is strongly recommended not to learn shooting ~ flashy ~ back 2 must learn ~ new people shaking action should be learned ~ because it can't get stuck like the back ~ and can be pulled away from the defenderWhat should street basketball SG skills be used
! It's enough for SG to have back 2 in the early stage! Back 2 is the most practical skill for breakthrough. It can't block the ball. Other breakthrough skills will be blocked when installed. The most important thing is to affect the order of back 2! So it's enough to install the back 2 in the early stage! An ordinary a played ` `What skills do SG need in street basketball
SS passing: to ensure that the receiver will not lose an open space opportunity due to the stop of receiving the ball. Defensive detent of face up and W key: it is mainly used to deal with SF to make up for physical weakness; For the PG on the outside line, SG should not be used except for dealing with novices. The veteran will hardly be hit by W. You use the w just waiting for it to fallHow to play SG well in street basketball
Before level 31, SG must have the most important skills: back dribble, ball pouncing, back pitching (I think this skill can open the situation when there is no chance, even if it is not installed), back two, Kobe Bryant's left and right backhand layup, QE passing (running position is necessary, but don't use it indiscriminately, looking for abuse), and then let's Street basketball SG skills  s running pass  qtalk about the necessary freestyle: catching the ball, sliding robbery, MaitreyaHow to match skills for street basketball SG
It is used for defence and can block the ball of others. Step back, you can pull down your defenders. SS needless to say, everyone can take it. There's no need to explain this. The guard must lean back with skills for 2 points. If he can't make 3 shots due to close defense, he can try
Which SG skills are practical in street basketball
Speaking of practicality! Skill words: SS must be taken. If you don't take the ball, you will definitely find scolding. If you take SS, you won't take QE. SG's QE passing has no SS effect (PG has); It's good to dribble backward. If you use it well, it's very effective to take a step away from the body position; If you lean back, SG's 2 points are similar to PF'sStreet basketball SG required skills
But if SG learns, it's a pity to tell you that you waste your points and skill grid! In addition, I don't know whether you have bought a slot or not, and whether you have reached level 31. Is there a skill slot? If there is no skill slot, and you have not reached level 31, it is recommended that you have the following operating skills: W, throwing, QE, and quick assist defenseWhat skills are good in street basketball SG? And how to defend
The premise is that there is no skill nest skill: defense, SS, throwing, QE (3v3 should be used. Although SS effect is not added, it can let you run when passing the ball. SG is to find an empty space during running. If you are prevented and your teammates are in a good position during running, you can stop and use ss.2v2, depending on whether your teammates are inside or outside)What skills do street basketball SG need the most perfect
Single slot skills: (1) face up (necessary for defense) (2) jump to save the ball (necessary for defenders) (3) quick make-up (necessary for defense) (4) back dribble (necessary for SG) (5) fake freestyle: (1) lightning break (necessary for steal) (2) back alternate dribble 2 (necessary for defenders to pass through) (3) sliding interception (4) change direction breakthrough(
Street basketball SG skills s running pass q

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