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Basketball guessing rules

Street basketball Howard

2022-06-24 02:37Basketball guessing rules
Summary: How about playing street basketball with HowardHoward can play pf faster than the traditional center, but he is very unstable. In the Rockets, Howard plays the big frontWho is good at street basketbal
How about playing street basketball with Howard
Howard can play pf faster than the traditional center, but he is very unstable. In the Rockets, Howard plays the big front
Who is good at street basketball, ah Wu or Howard
Howard! Characters and society are the same. Only new ones are good. Otherwise, he has a new role. What do you do? Ah Wu is out of date. But it's also fun. I suggest Howard
Howard problem of street basketball
Howard's ability is one leap higher than that of ah Wu.. It's impossible to compare, but it's also ugly than ah Wu... Maybe your mood affects your hand speedIs street baStreet basketball Howardsketball a Wu good or the new Howard good
Personally, I feel that Howard, although a Wu is the mainstream c~ ~ but the new Howard's ability has exploded ~ ~ ~ and his height has increased by 8cm ~ ~ the current street ball height theory is very serious, and his body is not bad. However, his ability is all floating clouds. The key is operation. It has 100 attributes. If you play with a little white, you will also be abused and Street basketball Howardexploded by others, andStreet basketball magic Howard height
Height 211cm 11 level Howard 54 rebounds running 12 blocks 52 body against 54 11 level Bai AWU 52 rebounds running 11 blocks 54 body against 52 above, it can be seen that Howard's ability is more comprehensive. The key point is that Howard is 9cm more than AWU. This is a huge advantageStreet basketball Howard or fantasy hero
Howard, although a little obscene and soft, the hat and board are better than the phantom bear
How much is Howard's rebounding ability in street basketball
If the highest backboard value is 100, Howard's backboard ability value is absolutely 95
Does C use Howard or ah Wu in street basketball??? Both have been used. Come and talk about it
See how you feel. Let's start with a Wu. Rebounding hat is stable. Handsome in appearance. Howard has a strange voice, but his rebounds and haStreet basketball Howardts are stable. I think Howard is stable except for his bad voice
How about HowarStreet basketball Howardd's ability in street basketball? Compare it with Jack in a little more detail
In fact, there is no big difference in the ability value after reaching the high level. I played several special C's, including dancer, Jack, Garcia, liyouran, Bajie, heipang and Howard. According to the current feeling, all C's are about the same after reaching the high level (especially blocking)Street basketball: Magic Howard and turning white A-wu who has high ability
Don't even think about it. It must be Howard. Otherwise, who will buy a new character? Level 11 Howard 54 rebounds, runs 12 blocks, 52 body vs. 54 level 11 Bai AWU 52 rebounds, runs 11 blocks, 54 body vs. 52. It can be seen that Howard's ability is more comprehensive
Street basketball Howard

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