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Street basketball female role

2022-06-24 02:33Basketball guessing rules
Summary: How many roles does street basketball haveThere are man 1 (thin), man 2 (stronger than man 1), man 3 (fat), and woman 3. Each man / woman has skin color that can be adjusted. There is also a very powe
How many roles does street basketball haStreet basketball female roleve
There are man 1 (thin), man 2 (stronger than man 1), man 3 (fat), and woman 3. Each man / woman has skin color that can be adjusted. There is also a very powerful new role. Alice (6800 dot roll) is 168cm tall. The good thing is that she runs fastStreet basketball female C special role mantis, Nini or apple which is better
Mantis is is equivalent to the female version of ah Wu. Nini is short in body and arms and has poor ability to block hats. She is not the mainstream. Apple has better ability and is more suitable for playing center. It is recommended to choose apples to match clothesWhat is the female special role suitable for PG in street basketball
Answer: at present, there are 4 special guards in the national basketball uniform, not including Yu en and Yu Bin. Alice: first of all, many people think Alice is suitable for sg Alice's special abilities are running +2, 3 points +1 and steals +2. She doesn't have the passing and dribbling that PG needs very muchStreet basketball female role
Tokyo fruit basket team, apple
What are the abilities of the latest female characters in street basketball
Name: Shaqi Alice ordinary character (female) height: 153cm 168cm 160cm weight: 40kg 48kg 40kg running: 525251 bouncing: 121212 physical confrontation: 121112 passing: 515050 dribbling: 53Street Basketball Girl C who is good
I am 48 ah Wu. I have met very few opponents. The one I will never forget in my life is a female C who uses apple. Whether it's rebounds or blocks, the distribution is very uniform. He has 96 rebounds, 94 blocks and 53 bounces. He is only 44. It's terrible. (I strongly suggest you use Jack
How to dress up Venus, a special female role in street basketball
Personally, Venus' skin is quite white. It should be a character who can control all kinds of clothes. Moreover, it is smaller than Alice and other characters' forehead. It is best to match it with some dark hair. If there is spare money (black cat king, etc.), another way is to open a full-scale account to regenerate ordinary charactersSolve the street basketball female pf role which is good
The offensive type can choose Mika or strawberry, and the defensive type can choose apple. If you want a man, you can choose the new longjunxuan (but his appearance and voice hurt). Both Xiao Rui and spider man are biased towards SF, when PF is the weakness of the above roles. You can compare their ability vStreet basketball female rolealuesDifferences between female and male roles in different positions of street basketball
In most cases, the strength of the board is higher than that of the men, but the overall strength of the women is lower than that of the men. Therefore, the running speed of the women is higher than that of the men, which strengthens the cover of the women g and f against the men g and F to a certain extentIntroduction to the spStreet basketball female roleecial role of street basketball
It is recommended that you buStreet basketball female roley ah Wu, who is more powerful than the ordinary c-board and Francis CIC. Alice is a 3-point monster. Anyway, I think the new character f is the most abnormal, bouncing 50, and CIC is good. Both Nini and ordinary female C have the ability value of 98 rebounds and 58 rebounds in 2 seconds. Take a look
Street basketball female role

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