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Basketball guessing rules

Street Basketball Defense even good defense

2022-06-24 02:08Basketball guessing rules
Summary: How can street basketball practice good defenseAwareness: keep close to your opponent so that he can't shoot easily. Even if you are good at defense, of course, it is also good if you can block his
How can street basketball practice good defense
Awareness: keep close to your opponent so that he can't shoot easily. Even if you are good at defense, of course, it is also good if you can block his ball and take his shot. You should be familiar with using quick compensation, be familiar with your character's running ability, steal in time, but don't press s blindlyStreet basketball PG play through defense
(you can study the introduction of G's passing action on the official website of street basketball.) therefore, it is suggested that SF should be in a position of two and a half defensive distance positions and can block the hat. The last is experience, when you play for a long time. Naturally, you will feel the distance you keep from the opponent when defending, and how you should defend when you encounter a human action
How to defend and keep the ball well in street basketball
If you can't judge, just leave him two steps to the left (yes, it's very easy to fall). As for your own a skills, you should always change the direction of your a to make the other party want to make mistakes, and you will successfully shake him away. If you encounter a strong defender, I suggest you pass more. Basketball is a team sport. What do you thinkHow to defend street basketball, G
Nowadays, street balls don't always come in order. Sometimes they do, but sometimes reciting 2 can be done twice in a row, so you can't help it. I've recited it several times in a row, so what you said about memorizing the order is just a way. Sometimes you don't fold when he swings continuously, so you should stStreet Basketball Defense  even good defenseep back 3 stepsStreet basketball, how should I defend
If there is no quick defense, just guess on the left and right at the moment when he swings ~ by the way, one kind of back 2 swings is to quickly swing to the left or right, which depends on consciousness ~ or just guess on the Street Basketball Defense  even good defenseone hand, and another is to shake people with a short pauseHow can street basketball prevent people
In fact, it mainly depends on the feeling. When you are abused more, you will naturally defend. For the defender, there is no back 2 before 16J. He can directly use w to block him, keep up with him, and predict the position of the opponent. Inside defense is actually very simple, when you are judging whether the opponent has a motive to shootWhat are the skills of street basketball defense
The above briefly describes the principle of hat, which is a bit off the topic. It is only a thing for novices. Please continue to look. Regional joint defense - hereinafter referred to as joint defense, its definition, application scope and characteristic definition: the joint defense of street basketball [hereinafter referred to as fs] has something in common with the joStreet Basketball Defense  even good defenseint defense of NBAWhat are the seven defensive skills of street basketball mobile games
Introduction to the seven defensive skills of street basketball mobile game skill 1: learn to use acceleration. Learning to use acceleration will make us more calm in defense. Skill 2: don't take off easily. Now most players have learned how to fake the shot and cheat the jump, especially the guards. Skill 3: don't steal at willHow to defend street basketball
Hug ~ how can I answer your question? You didn't say what to prevent. How can I answer
Which key is pS5 Street Basketball Defense
In defense, D is a block, s is a steal, and W prevents being crossed. The most important change in the street basketball game should be that the skill of SS is directly simplified into that it canStreet Basketball Defense  even good defense be automatically started by pressing the s pass. With the PG's QE pass, the game rhythm becomes fast and smooth, followed by the improvement of the 3-point hit
Street Basketball Defense even good defense

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