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Street basketball 33 SG by C or PF

2022-06-24 00:33Basketball guessing rules
Summary: How to play street basketball 33First of all, if G plays 33 below level 31, don't dribble, otherwise he will be scolded. SG scores by C or PF block and reverse run. Pf scored 2 points, which is Kob
How to play street basketball 33
First of all, if G plays 33 below level 31, don't dribble, otherwise he will be scolded. SG scores by C or PF block and reverse run. Pf scored 2 points, which is Kobe Bryant's free dunk. It is better to press F when there is a small gear C. Don't be silly to take the ball. The backboard requirement is not very high. If you hit 33, you'll get a CStreet basketball 33 questions
SF can't play 33 because it can't control the ball, it's not fast, and it can't pass people. The rebounds and bounces are as good as PG, and it's disgusting to be on time at 3 points. It will throw 2 points, but who won't? It is better to bring an SG than an SF. Double t means two inside lines with a PG. It is characterized by stabilityHow to play street basketball 33
This combination up double f stacked in the middle G washes left and right a. then goes around F. then runs behind F The ball to F. blocked your defender The ball gives F.F. an immediate boost Suitable for personnel standing on the opposite side Running position F force you in the opposite direction Of course, there is only one person No seats available Attack F You can also run the baseline (old tactics)How to play street basketball sf33
SF's best 33 play method (personal view) tStreet basketball 33  SG by C or PFhStreet basketball 33  SG by C or PFe first running position SF is a powerful scoring profession with more than n scoring skills and super accurate 2-point accuracy. You can score in any position on the field, so it goes without saying how critical SF running position isStreet basketball 33
In 22, PG can be the SG. Basically, PG is the A-man who is taking the ball, but in 33, PG is mainly the assist (the data mainly depends on the assist, to see if you have the sense of passing and cooperation). Therefore, PG in 33 is the cooperation. PG has a high dribbling ability. He usually gives PG the ball directly aftStreet basketball 33  SG by C or PFer the opening of 33 Li. He passes the ball after passing A. NoStreet basketball 33 how to brush
When opening a room, it's better to call someone who can brush points to avoid people who can't come in and disturb the game. Then choose 3v3 and the whole audience When they are all in the game, let one of the players take the ball to attack, and the others can go and sit around View original post >& gtStreet basketball 33  SG by C or PF; Adopt
What is the status of SF in 33 in street basketball
As an old bird, let me tell you that the core of 33 is C, and the engine is often pg. as for SF, it's hard to say. You should insist that street basketball is a competitive game. What you want is not all-round good play, but sharpHow to play street basketball well 33
There are many kinds of SF scores when you are close to the bottom line. If you just play SF, it is difficult to play SF. If you have a big size g, playing SF should be very simple. For example, fake moves (layups), the other side takes off, you run to the outside line, and the inside line is helping you block33 skills of street basketball
Pf's main task is to score points, help g pick and roll, and give three points when G is blocked empty. If you can't block it, you can pull it to the inside line. After C blocks it, you can directly make a deduction. The attack means should be diversified, not too single. You can cast outside, DD, retreat and so on. In terms of defense, the assistant defense g, the position of card PF, and the backboard are mainly to assist C. More dozenHow to play street basketball pf33
The main reason to steal the ball is to see the reaction of the other side to fold their own C. personally, I think it is easy to fold their own C. It is still easy to shoot in the back run from the open position. It is still possible to hit the ball. 7. A small skill
Street basketball 33 SG by C or PF

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