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Basketball guessing rules

In street basketball

2022-06-23 20:24Basketball guessing rules
Summary: What do those letters mean in street basketballWhat you said should be the display content under the small triangle after building a room and waiting for teammates,? That means to select the occupatio
What do those letters mean in street basketball
What you said should be the display content under the small triangle after building a room and waiting for teammates,? That means to select the occupation of the teammates you want to play with. All means unlimited. C is the center, f is the forward, G is the guard, SF is the small forward, PF is the power forward, PG is the point guard, and SG is the point guardHow to prevent a in street basketball
I have a method to prevent A. no matter where the building owner is, you can stand on the left side of G whenever g wants A. remember to stand on the left side of half of G's body, and then move slowly to the right side of g. This is to move slowly and press W, which will not be shaken down in any caseHow to divide the ball better in street basketball
=```There are only a few points for dividing the ball. Those who know how to play pick up the ball at that point also depend on their ability. In the early stage, only 40% of the PF is on their own head or lower. Dividing the ball is generally higher than grabbing the board Generally, the board with less than seconds can reach minutes in seconds. For example, the board with low pf capability value and the board with medium and high PF capability value can reach minutes in secondsSome skills of C in street basketball
1: Rebounding problem `c has height `c has body `c usually holds the board at a fixed point with direction keys `What is the use of various abilities in street basketball
Capping: affects the distance of the cappingHow to practice f well in street basketball
If you want to play PF, you should first practice a person whose height is higher than or equal to 187 (for men). In the novice zone, it is easy for f who is higher than 187 to grab the backboard. Therefore, in many cases, it is necessary to support outside teammates. The first skill to buy is SS, which is always a necessary skill to play street basketballWhat is SS in street basketball and what is the difference between SS and QE
Convenient for direct attack. QE is another passing skill. After PG installs SS and QE skills at the same time, QE also has the effect of SS. Only QE can be bought because the skill of SS has been given away directly after the street basketball has been revised. Therefore, there is no SS in the mall. Only QE (running pass) hopes to help youWhich profession is the strongest in street baIn street basketballsketball
All the frienIn street basketballds above said that there is no strongest profession, only the strongest people!! Every profession has its own characteristics, strengths, but also shortcomings. It is impoIn street basketballssible to have a perfect profession. Let's talk about the guard first. The main advantages of the guard are 3 points, passing, running, breaking the ball and other disadvantages are height, bounce, reIn street basketballbounds and bodyWhat is the role of various abilities in street basketball
The running speed of the empty hand and the running speed of the ball. The running speed of the ball is about equal to the speed of the empty hand minus the ability of 20. The speed is the same when pressing the detent. Bouncing layup distance, virtual and real distance, basic conditions for dunking (height cm+ bouncing ability =200), bouncing has nothing to do with the height and distance of rebounding!!! Pass the ballSkills in street basketball
SS is sold in the skill mall. Its name is "pass". If you build a character for the first time, you will give this skill. When passing the ball, you will have the effect of running and catching the ball. It is a required skill. No ss will be scolded. In the mall
In street basketball

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