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Street basketball block turning the corner

2022-06-23 18:03Basketball guessing rules
Summary: A detailed explanation of various dynamic capping techniques for street basketball1. Cover 3 points SG's killer, turning the tide of the war Method: run in front of the receiver when he is ready t
A detailed explanation of various dynamic capping techniques for street basketball
1. Cover 3 points SG's kilStreet basketball block  turning the cornerler, turning the tide of the war Method: run in frStreet basketball block  turning the corneront of the receiver when he is ready to throw blue at the 3-point line (don't cover it as soon as you get there. If you do, it's just your luck.) then pay attention to observation (most people will make a fake move to confuse the Hatter, so you should make an observation
What's the use of strong block caps in street basketball
Strong blocks are not used at all. The definition of no strong blocks is to cap the ball far away so that your opponent will not be so easy to pick it up, and it is more impossible for the ball to be directly capped to the opponent's hands. In addition, strong blocks are easier to cap the opponent than ordinary blocks. It is better to cap when some of his skills are practical and powerful. This isHow to block the block of street basketball hand games
Next, let's follow Xiaobian to see the introduction of the blocking method Street basketball block  turning the cornerof street basketball hand games! Of course, the most important thing is timing! The so-called best time to block a shot is exactly the same when the opponent takes off to the highest height! First we need to choose a playerHow to cover the street basketball
Generally, it's just to take off and make a quick judgment. If he changes hands from left to right, it's not your fault. Your teammates have time to come and cover up. It's their fault to take off. They cover up when they see the take-off. It's better to cover the battle axe. Don't try to cover it, but cover it anywayHow to block high-end skills inStreet basketball block  turning the corner street basketball hand games
How to block the caps of street basketball hand games? I believe many friends want to know about how to block the caps of street basketball hand games. It is said that if you want to be good at something, you must first use your tools. The following is a short series to give you details about how to block the caps of street basketball hand games. Let's take a look at it. Personal defense: personal defense is undoubtedly very importantIs there any technique for block shooting in street basketball
Analysis of street basketball blocking skills. For this game, many small partners may not know the analysis of street basketball blocking skills. Now, Xiaogu will bring you information about street basketball blocking skills analysis. Players who are not clear about it will quickly come and watch with a strong crowd ~ the blocking skills in street basketball hand gamesHow to block blocks in street basketball
Close shot / basket shot covering method: press D when the ball reaches the top of the head (ps: it requires greater reaction and attention, and it is not covered when the ball nods). Middle shot covering method: it is impossible to distinguish whether it is a fake action. Anyway, it will be covered if there is a little action 3-point cover: cover the ball when it is ready to release (ps: according to the player's blocking ability
What are you looking at in the street basketball block
Anyway, the height is directly proportional to the ability value of the cap, and the higher the cap, the larger the range. The most obvious is that the center can't cover the 3-point ball from a long distance, and the defender can't cover it in the same position. If the success rate is high, it is better for you to grasp the opportunity of blocking. It is natural to feel that you can't cover more than one game, and you can cover several games in another gameHow can street basketball be blocked! Simpler`
If you think about it, his shooting is aimed at the blue frame, so you have to face him. You, he and the blue frame are in a straight line. Block all solutions - dunk - action details: there are too many patterns to explain one by one Cover (cap when feet are off the ground)Block technique of street basketball C
The ordinary power, see the direction of the first time, go back and forth. After the power breakthrough dribble, move to the direction of his first time. If the big dream didn't take me, just s. On the side of the layup station, just make sure it can't absorb you. Generally, you don't need to press the direction key to cover the cap under the basket, and you can absorb it yourself
Street basketball block turning the corner

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