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Basketball guessing rules

Krypton for street basketball

2022-06-23 15:03Basketball guessing rules
Summary: Do you charge for street basketballStreet basketball is free His charging model is "e; Free supermarket " pattern. Unless you want to buy some special clothes and skills, you can enjoy the ga
Do you charge for street basketball
Street basketball is free His charging model is "e; Free supermarkeKrypton for street basketballt " pattern. Unless you want to buKrypton for street basketbally some special clothes and skills, you can enjoy the game without spending money Of course, what you said upstairs is right, just like BNB Supplement onlyIs street basketball expensive
It saves a lot more money than other online games. Basically, it only needs to be equipped with a permanent skill slot and a set of clothes that can permanently add capacity. Even if the best ones are equipped with all the permanent plus 7 plus 2, these add up to less than 200 yuan. In this way, they can play well. They don't need to buy VIP, horn and triangle faucet sets every month like other big moneyDo you burn money for street basketball
It doesn't cost money. If you want to look good, you need money. But if your data is good, others will recognize you
Do you have money for street basketball live broadcast
The star anchor has 100000 game vouchers every month. You should ensure the number of live broadcasts or the total number of viewers every month. Otherwise, why do you think it is absolutely worth saying that there will be no live broadcast now
Isn't street basketball garbage for RMB players
Of course not! This question is too much... Many players are very low-key, because they don't want to be scolded. It's not important to buy ability equipment. Technology is important. Many guards shouldn't say so... It should be said that many players are old players and very skilledDo you spend money on street basketball
The most important difference between spending money and not spending money is in skills. The skills and skill slots you buy from the roll call. The more skills you have, the more tricks you can play. Similarly, a G has a little more handicaps with and without a ball. In fact, the attributes on clothes can be compensated by technology
Do you want money forKrypton for street basketball street basketball
Don't ` this game is actually the same as bubble hall and vigorous Dance Troupe ~ generally, itKrypton for street basketball's free to finish the house ~ but if you want to buy clothes, pants and other things to add attributes and capabilities, you need to buy some rolls ~100 rolls, 1 yuan ~ I think it's quite reasonable~
Do you spend money on street basketball
I was just like you at the beginning, but I didn't know it until I played. The card is only used to buy clothes and so on. In fact, it is free. You can rest assured!! It also has points to buy things. The knowledge point card is stronger. Now you can rest assured to playDo you charge for street basketball
No, but if you want to acquire good skills, you have to pay for them
Does street basketball cost money
There is no charge for street basketball, but the equipment needs to be charged. Of course, you can not buy it. Some skills are also charged, and the rest are the points in the game
Krypton for street basketball

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