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NBA basketball master towards the peak tutorial

2022-07-02 18:02Basketball guessing rules
Summary: How NBA basketball masters play NBA basketball master mobile games introductionNBA basketball master players how to get to create a team when you create a team, the League will let you choose an S-cla
How NBA basketball masters play NBA basketball master mobile games introduction
NBA basketball master players how to get to create a team when you create a team, the League will let you choose an S-class star as the cornerstone of your team. Tips: the ability values of the five players are all the same. You can choose your favorite star to build a team to scout. Scouts: through the scouting function, you can search all kinds of players around the worldHow to play NBA basketball masters and novices
The problem is really cumbersome == How to buy a player who can appreciate in the future? We should pay more attention to the NBA's dynamic transfer situation and injuries, but ultimately it depends on the playing time and data. For example, a certain player plays as the main force in team a, his playing time is guaranteed, and he can get 16 points and 8 rebounds per gameHow can basketball masters return when they reach the peak
In this simulated mobile game with the theme of NBA basketball, players can bring a certain bonus to the team if they retire too oldHow to cultivate NBA basketball master players
NBA basketball master player training steps: Tools / materials: NBA basketball master mobile game. After we came to the NBA basketball master game, at the bottom of the game interface, we can see a training function. We click training. We came to the cultivation interface. At the bottom of the training interface, we can see the function of training ground. ClickWhat skills do NBA basketball masters have and how to use them
First of all, I declare that I'm not an expert in playing basketball. I feel that skills are very virtual. Any skills are based on basic skills. You can see the difference by looking at the videos of Wu you and Durant. The sense of ball cultivated by basic skills is very important. Once you have the sense of ballNBA master basketball game tutorial how to play the game
NBA's suspensionNBA basketball master towards the peak tutorial rules are very different from those of FIBA, and have the characteristics of its own commercial League. As far as NBA is concerned, there are two kinds of pauses: 20 second short pauses and 100 second long pauses. The number of short pauses in 20 seconds is twice for each team. This short pause does not exist only in the regular 48 minutesHow can NBA basketball masters practice s+
NBA basketball masters' way to practice s+: s+ is a player's own attribute quality, which cannot be improved. In other words, if you take an S-level player, it is s, which cannot be promoted to s+. NBA basketball masters can play games and business activities crazily, which is a relatively easy way to playWhat are the competition skills and tactics skills in NBA basketball master
The game skills of NBA basketball master are as follows: change the offensive tactics. The offensive tactics determine the right to take shots in each position of the team. It is very important for the team to avoid the defense of the other side. When our side is robbed, the Shield logo appears on the soles of the main defensive players of the other side, so we can adjust our offensive tacticsNBA basketball master game tutorial details how to play
Why can't NBA basketball masters get in? In the process of playing the game, you may encounter the problems of NBA basketball master towards the peak tutorialblank screen, flashing back, and unable to enter the game. Let's take a look at this with XiaobianHow can NBA basketball masters become experts
If you want to become an expert player, you must join. The condition is to train with East / West teams with more than 50 wins and through the training ground. Training level: from novice to elite, expert, master, and finally to the sky level. In the player interface, you can see I novice, II elite, III expert and IV master in the training field. Players
NBA basketball master towards the peak tutorial

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