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NBA basketball losses will seriously affect the League

2022-07-02 01:50Basketball guessing rules
Summary: What is the impact of the NBA lockout on these teams and playersNBA has strict plans for the operation of the league. Once there is a lockout, all plans need to be re formulated, which will seriously
What is the impact of the NBA lockouNBA basketball losses  will seriously affect the Leaguet on these teams and players
NBA has strict plans for the operation of the league. Once there is a lockout, all plans need to be re formulated, which will seriously affect the normal operation of the league. Cause the team to lose money. Once the NBA is suspended, it means that there is no game to play, no audience and no business incomeHow much does the NBA team spend a year
From then on, it can be seen that the cost of each team is at least 150 million. For some small markets, there will be losses, but in fact, it doesn't matter to the owners of the team. Because NBA is only a part of their investment, it is more through the NBA brandAfter NBA teams pay huge taxes, will the team owners still make money
For example, the warriors Dynasty, which NBA basketball losses  will seriously affect the Leaguereached its peak in just a few years, built the Golden State Warriors team into one of the teams with high market value in the NBA League. On the contrary, if you don't win the championship, the boss who pays too much luxury tax will inevitably face lossesWhy do NBA stars feel so easy to go bankrupt after retirement? What is the reason
4: There are not a few NBA stars who invest and manage money, but not everyone is as successful as James, Kobe and igodara, and most of them fail. Their investment is not small, and they are laymen, so they are often prone to losses. Pippen once ventured to invest in just a few yearsWhat has caused great losses to the NBA in 2020
The NBA will cause great losses. Therefore, China's counterattack this time was very beautiful, and many people who insulted China were alerted to a certain extent. The huge losses caused by the NBA this year also made the season shrink to a certain extent. Although this year's competition is overWhat happened to NBA now? Is it because I don't play basketball anymore? Tell me in detail, thank you
In fact, until now, we don't know the specific contents of some negotiations, but the two sides will eventually reach an agreement. After all, it is for the sake of interests. Money. After the NBA is suspended, both sides have losses. When the NBA starts, both sides will still have money to earn, but it's just a question of how muchLast season, 14 teams lost money. What happened to NBA
Last season, the total net profit of all NBA teams was $530million. More importantly, these are only basketball related profits. Some teams have their own stadiums, and the income generated by non Basketball Games held in the stadiums will not be included in the financial statistics of the NBA. For example, according to NBA financial reportsHow influential is James? Will the NBA lose $1.6 billion if it doesn't play
As the first person in the active League, James once said publicly that if the game really starts on Christmas week, he will not participate. In addition to James, the Lakers also expressed the same view. In fact, last seasonIf Yi Jianlian plays in the NBA today, can he score 20 points per game
At the end of the Rio Olympics, the Chinese men's basketball team ended the journey of the Rio Olympics early, 0-5, with an average net loss of 29.6 points. This is the worst Olympic Games in history. People's disappointment with the Chinese men's basketball team is undeniable: can a Lian return to the NBA to play 20+? It's hard to make up for the defects, but one person is not under the scandal. HeWhy do many NBA players go bankrupt in a few years after retirement
For other reasons, I have to admit that some of the stars playing basketball in the NBA are really outstanding, but they are really not good at financial management. Many stars were cheated by others of their huge wealth, or they did not understand the industry to invest at will, which not only caused a loss of principal, but also a heavy debt, so they could only go bankrupt
NBA basketball losses will seriously affect the League

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