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Street basketball God it's normal to like him

2022-06-23 06:52Basketball guessing rules
Summary: Dunk master ah Shen(1) Eyes: God's eyes are big, round and bright. Looking at his watery eyes, people can't help admiring him. It's normal to like him. (2) Smile: his smile is born. He is bor
Dunk master ah Shen
(1) Eyes: God's eyes are big, round and bright. Looking at his watery eyes, people can't help admiring him. It's normal to like him. (2) Smile: his smile is born. He is born with a smiling face, which gives people an approachable, confident feeling, and matches his eyesWho likes to watch the children's shoes of the slam dunk master as a child? I like a Shen (Shin Tsung Ichiro) of Hainan affiliated high school. If there is
What is worth learning is God!! He did not give up playing because his athletic talent was not as good as others. He always tried to practice three-point ball and finally became one of the five most valuable players. The other four amu fairies, Liuchuan Akaki, were much better than his innate conditions, which was enough to explain his effortsWhat position does dunk master ah Shen play
So in this way, there are only PF and SF left (there is no doubt that Mu is PG and Gao Sha is c), but the God given on the official website should be SF. Of course, I think Jin should be No. 3 and No. 4 swingers... Mainly SFI would like to ask the leaders of slam dunk masters, how on earth does ah Shen defend
Kobe Ichiro is the shooting guard of the basketball team of Hainan affiliated Street basketball God  it's normal to like himhigh school and one of Kanagawa's five star players. The day after tomorrow, I won the title of "three-point marksman"
Which is more powerful in dunk master, ah Shen or Ah Fu
Showing excelStreet basketball God  it's normal to like himlent ability in one aspect, talent and diligence determine the upper limit of basketball achievements that a player can achieve. Diligent players can be measured, while talented players can not be measured. A Shen practiced shooting hard for his basketball dream, and after the normal training, Hainan basketball team was famous for its large amount of exerciseWhy did the five best players in Kanagawa Prefecture have a God
The small forward of Hainan team, a three-point shooter, has a very beautiful pitching posture. The depiction of a Shen in animation is not profound, but he is the first scoring king in Kanagawa Prefecture. Training very hard, after the coach said he could not become a center, after hard pitching trainingHow to evaluate the Hainan God in slam dunk master
A Shen in Hainan in slam dunk master is a very good person. He likes his hobbies and does what he likes to do. He loves basketball very much. He is a very good personWhich do you like, a Shen or Mitsui? Why
Mitsui, I like Mitsui. Because Mitsui is more plump. His tears, he cried and said " I want to play basketball; I think everyone who likes SD will remember the scene of. Whether you like Mitsui or not A friend of mine said, maybeWho are Kanagawa's five most valuable players among the slam dunks
Best player award: Mu Shenyi, Hainan University, 3 years, shenzongyilang, Hainan University, 2 years, Akagi Gangxian, 3 years in Northern Hunan, Liuchuan maple, 1 year in Northern Hunan, and 2 years in southern xiandaozhangling. I was Street basketball God  it's normal to like himabsolutely right. I had a hard time looking for 31 small 64 open books under my bed ~!!! Those who do not believe go to book 21 for page 124Slam dunk expert: why is Kobe, the scoring king in Kanagawa Prefecture, blocked by the new cherry blossom path_ Baidu knows
Haha, this is an interesting question. Why did Kanagawa, the scoring king in slam dunk master, be blocked by the new Sakuragi flower path? In fact, the reason is very simple. There is a clear gap between Shinzo Ichiro and Sakuragi in terms of physical quality. This bridge section is obviously designed by nobuhiko Inoue to show Sakuragi's physical quality against the sStreet basketball God  it's normal to like himky
Street basketball God it's normal to like him

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