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Street basketball anti PG but not anti skill

2022-07-01 18:02Basketball guessing rules
Summary: How to defend PG in street basketball? SolveIt's not that you can't prevent PG, but that you can't prevent skills. PG and SF have unique skills. It's difficult to break through dribble. Fi
How to defend PG in street basketball? Solve
It's not that you can't prevent PG, but that you can't prevent skills. PG and SF have unique skills. It's difficult to break through dribble. First, you should remember her skills. The first is ordinary A. look at the direction of A. if the second is reciting the second, you can quickly fill it in the direction of the firstHow should PG defend in street basketball
It's a good copy. Landlord, let me explain it to you As PG, 1 comes. First of all, we should learn to judge the opponent's running position, and then block the opponent's running route in the direction of w+, which is a good method of defense. Come on. When others make fake pitches, don't jump. Instead, break itHow to prevent strong PG in street basketball SG
When "e; good pass" I don't dare to shoot easily, but the SF of level 15 is different, so PG is not invincible. The game makes you unable to defend him, and it will also make him fail to score goals. What defensive PG needs to do is to let him swing out of neutral, but it must not be knocked down by him. If he swings down, it is no different from SGHow to play PG and SG defense well in street basketball
Sorry, I said it on the third floor. I forgot anonymity and couldn't send messages. Hehe, I didn't want to answer the question of the landlord originally, because there is nStreet basketball anti PG  but not anti skillo standard, but I'm afraid it will affect the adoption rate, so I'd better answer my personal statement, which is purely theoretical. The sentence "how to prevent SG or PG" actually meansHow to prevent pg&sg in street basketball
Keep a close eye on ordinary passers-by, take the approach and stick defense, and easily block the ball. For the back 2 skill, don't move left and right, step back a few steps to see the direction of back 2, and quickly follow up. For the super dribble, don't move left and rightHow to prevent PG SG and SF in street basketball
PG's words `pg A's ability is very strong, so it's best to draw a little distance, and then look at his a position and rush to press w card to loStreet basketball anti PG  but not anti skillse his ball. SG likes to run backwards. If he has running shoes and hits hard, there's nothing he can do, but SG a's ability is poor, so w can stand him as long as he doesn't get out of his back
How to prevent PG's big back 2 in street basketball
If that G is SG, don't retreat, because there is a backward step to connect. If it is PG, it's best not to retreat, because when retreating, it may not coincide with the middStreet basketball anti PG  but not anti skillle line in the front of the dribbler, and it may fall to the ground Back 2 is similar to hand 2, and hand 2 is also protected in this way, but the range of shaking people in baStreet basketball anti PG  but not anti skillck 2 is smaller than that in back 2. It also depends on hands, so it won't be repeatedHow to prevent PG from coming to street basketball? Be professional
There is also cooperation: cross defense, fill up, pick and roll, not afraid of enemies like wolves, but afraid of team friends like pigs. What friends do can be prevented. If you don't carry 2, you can head off his ball. If you carry 2, you can retreat. If you do it, you can do it. Hat technology is equivalent to psychological warfare. Reference: personal experienceStreet basketball defensive PG back 2
First of all, when you defend PG, you must do several things: confidence, clear mind, care, and the operation at hand. These are the most critical points. You can't do your best defense with lessHow to defend PG in street basketball
The method upstairs is indeed feasible. I'll add one more point: defense around the back, that is, close to back-to-back defense. If he shoots, he can quickly surround the front to interfere! But my suggestion is: if you don't have such a good mentality, you'd better be obscene, retreat to defend, let it be a at will, and stick defense immediately after its a is finished
Street basketball anti PG but not anti skill

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