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2022-06-29 03:41Basketball guessing rules
Summary: What are the strong skills of a street basketball centerRequired skills: W, no more. I won't say much about throwing the ball. SS, not to mention --. DS, fake pass, a very practical move. When you
What are the strong skills of a street basketball center
Required skills: W, no more. I won't say much about throwing the ball. SS, not to mention --. DS, fake pass, a very practical move. When you run to the blue and use this move to pass to the center, it is easy to disrupt the defense of the other side, because you are already on the other side after you fall. At this time, C will quickly pass it to youHow to increase the ability of Super Center in street basketball
Introduction to additional points for street basketball center training: additional points 1: Confrontation - backboard - bounce - run - block dunk - shooting and steal - pass - dribble layup - three points plus points 2: we don't need too many points at the offensive end. First, we don't need three pointsHow to play street basketball center well
If the center grabs the backboaStreet Basketball Centerrd, he can rely on his body to block the position in defense. The best balls in all directions can be obtained at 2 to 3 steps on the front of the basket, and then he can choose the take-off time. He should have a three-point backboard, a center shot and a layup backboard. The three-point backboard is relatively simple. If it is Street Basketball Centera front shotHow do street basketball centers play
It is also very important) if others can score goals, don't lose heart. Basketball has many goals. If others attack 9.10 times, they can definitely cover 1 or 2 goals When talking about the blue pull, others shoot from close range. Generally, it is the best to grab the first step under the blue 3 points: if you fail to make a positive shot, you can grab it from 4 or 5 steps below the basketHow about playing street basketball as a center
The center is called C in street basketball. The main function of C is to grasp the strong backboard, attack under the basket and block the hat. In the 2v2 game, as long as you learn to grasp strong rebounds, you can play a powerful role and help the team win. In the 3v3 game, C should also help his teammates pick and roll, and have a very strong sense. Personal suggestionsStreet basketball center, offensive skills
In terms of attack, the best even skill is light a and big dream. When you swing the blue from the left to the right,Street Basketball Center you can also push the blue according to the probability. The best way to push the blue is to push the blue with both hands and push the single hand button vigorously. There is also light a and w` ` if you see that the other party is far away, you can use the hook as little as possible = = when you push the blue, press w in front of youHow does the center of street basketball stop playing
Stopboard: the stopboard is the most powerful of all rebounds You should also know the stopboard method, but let me say: 1 When the basketball just touches the basket, press D or a to instantly part of the backboard or grab the hand, leaving no chance for the opponent to react 2. some rebounds can't be grabbed in seconds, and can only be scored in seconds and minutesWhich is the best street basketball center or forward
Forwards, whether big or small, are better than centers. The center gives people the feeling that he is stupid and moves slowly, while the power forward constantly smashes the other side's restricted area with dunks. How cool! Small forward's all-round skills, breaking through the inside line and smashing, the restricted area is empty and solid, and CIC swipes! And a 3-pointer. SoStreet basketball mobile game center C which good center is the best choice
Street basketball mobile game center C which is better in street basketball mobile game, center C recommends uncle Huang. Highlight: Uncle Huang's rebounding ability is stronger than that of the entire center, and his scoring ability under the basket is not bad, and his blocking ability is also good, so he is better in generalStreet basketbStreet Basketball Centerall mobile game center C which best use the strongest center C recommended
Baidu, for your reference: how to play street basketball mobile game center? In the street basketball mobile game, the position of center is a must for every team. Today, let's talk about the introduction of center in the game. The first is uncle Huang. Uncle Huang's talent is rebounding awareness: rebounding +5%, suitable for Tactics: internal defense rebounding guarantee, under the basket
Street Basketball Center

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