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Street basketball 3 seconds high

2022-06-28 15:04Basketball guessing rules
Summary: That expert can teach the key points of 3 seconds high and 2 left high in street basketballIn fact, there are only three types of high boards that can bounce seconds: the ability to bounce seconds dir
That expert can teach the key points of 3 seconds high and 2 left high in street basketball
In fact, there are only three types of high boards that can bounce seconds: the ability to bounce seconds directly above the left side of the bullet frame and the right side of the bullet frame is 9, and the others are so-called medium high boards (although it looks very high when it bounces directly above the outer frame)
The C seconds in street basketball are 1, 2 and 3 seconds high. It should be specific~
Ability 85 can be 1 second higher, 90 can be 2 seconds higher, 95 can be 3 seconds higher. You can press D at the moment the ball touches the frame.. That is the so-called SECCO board. The so-called high 1 is the high board that hits the front edge of the box first, then hits the board and bounces back.. Maybe you still don't understand meHow about three boards in street basketball? Please, everybody thank you
Forcing the opponent to go around the back board or divide the ball can greatly reduce the opponent's chances of getting the board (note that the opponent is stuck, not the position of the inside line)
How much ability is required for street basketball to be 3 seconds high
High 3: male C needs 96 abilities, and the best jumping ability is about 51 There is only one kind of high 3 ball, that is, the ball that bounces on the left side of the basket and rises straight up. The highest ball does not appear on the screen. The ball that appears on the screen is high 4. The speed of high 3 is faster than that of high 2. This ball is the most difficult to catch, because if you do not grasp the time well, you may lose himHow about the second high 2 high 3 method in street basketball
2 seconds high, 85 rebounds at least ~~ 3 seconds high and 93 rebounds at least~ Method: in the process of the ball rising to the highest point, the gun version will be OK ~! ~How to distinguish high 1, high 2 and high 3 in street basketball, and the ability required for second timing and second high 3
For novices who have just finished street basketball, in addition to ability, they should also have excelleStreet basketball 3 seconds highnt position and blocking skills. Remember that rebounding is not only a confrontation of ability, but also a powerStreet basketball 3 seconds highful collision of physical blocking experience! Now that you have asked me about the ability required for high 1, high 2 and high 3, if what you said is not very accurate, you can add what you said downstairsWhat is the approximate method of three boards per second in street basketball
Card a good position) what's more, the flashboard and ghost board are actually just a way of the second board. It's not obvious how fast you can grab the second board. The second board only depends on the ability value, not the level. If you have money, you can buy ability clothes. If you don't have money, you can learn more skills. I wish LZ a happy basketball game I hope my answer is helpful to LZCan street basketball pf play three boards per second
PF can be 3 seconds high, but the capability requirements are a little high. In the 45jpf, it is possible to wear a pair of wings with added power. If you wear strange clothes, the highest one is high 3. However, this was not the case before the revision. At that time, there was a high 4. The key is to see what you think. In fact, I think the second boardHow many seconds can the ability value of street basketball C be higher than 3
More than 80 seconds; High 2 pointsStreet basketball 3 seconds high: the ability to play the left basket and the right basket is 91 seconds, and the ability to play the left basket is 93 seconds, and the ability to play the right basket is more than 48 seconds; Before the third year of senior high school, the ability was at least 96 seconds. Now many people can reach 95 seconds, but it is a littleStreet basketball 3 seconds high difficult to bounce above 50. Now, it is rumored that 94 seconds can reach 3 secondsHow about 3 seconds in the street basketball game
Sweat! The people upstairs all say g. a high score of 3 is the black line that the rebounds quarrel with the score. When the ball quarrels with the screen, it can jump for seconds. First of all, ensure the ability
Street basketball 3 seconds high

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