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3on3 street basketball

2022-06-27 20:03Basketball guessing rules
Summary: How to play street basketball f? Look at the problem and supplementIn 2v2, your data should be as follows: (average per game) about 4 assists, 6-8 rebounds, and about 2 blocks, scoring 10 points. Your
How to play street basketball f? Look at the problem and supplement
In 2v2, your data should be as follows: (average per game) about 4 assists, 6-8 rebounds, and about 2 blocks, scoring 10 points. Your way of playing is to score by the CIC, pass the ball at the right time, and assist your teammates to score. F is a career that mainly focuses on assists, but it's another matter after changing jobsWhat role does street basketball PG play in "3on3"
The role of PG in the 33 games can not be ignored. It plays a role in connecting the attack of the whole team. One thing to pay attention to when playing PG is the floor ball, which directly determines the number of two attack opportunities of your team. The other is that the defender of the other side suppresses the opponent from outside scoring to make good use of you in the attackAsk for translation? KFC three on Three Basketball Challenge
KFC three pairs of three basketball tournament
Street basketball strawberry f turn what good
SF, don't buy pants, buy 3-point clothes for 3on3, board pants (HAT pants can be bought if the board is good), and running shoes. 2on2 buy 2 points of clothes, hats, pants 3on3 street basketballand jumping shoes. Awa is used for 2on2. 33 do not use it. Sfawa is easy to get stuck
Who has this movie to share
Cuihuiyan this is a photo of Maxim, not a movie. Cuihuiyan, female, Pisces, South Korea JCE company announced that the South Korean post-90s model cuihuiyan spoke for the new model "show time" of the Korean dress "street basketball". As a 3on3 mode that can reverse the situation on the court, the new mode "show time" of "street basketball" can be found inWhat brand does a person play with
A person plays with that brand: and1 and1. The American brand and1, which was born in 1993, focuses on introducing basketball shoes. However, the brand and1 loves street 3on[and1] is actually one of the terms of American street basketball fans. Whenever t3on3 street basketballhe opponent does not hesitate to break the rules, the offensive player still gets two points on the layupMy street basketball pf25
On the top floor, in 3on3, PF is definitely more than SF. It is the same before and after 30. Landlord, if you have a slot, turn sideways and buy it with Jay. If you like to play 33, you can buy fast. Lingbo suggests not. You can train the rest! I also play PF, ha ha! Come onWhich is the most fun game in the street basketball series
"3on3 freestyle" is 3on3 street basketballan orthodox continuation of the freestyle series of games developed by Joycity company in Korea and represented by the perfect world. The whole game inherits the cultural background of American street basketball and the free mode of hip hop hip hop style. The game screen is rendered by 3D cartoon3on3 freestyle how to play for two
Players can click ready to enter the game after selecting. 4. after entering the game, the partners can compete according to their own game perspective. 3on3 freestyle was developed by Joycity of South Korea and logged into the PS4 platform on December 6, 2016. It is the third generation of orthodox sequel to street basketballHas anyone played 3on3 street basketball
You mean it's easy to form a team to open NPC, and learning is personal? After you click the novice tutorial and skip it directly, you can play the game a3on3 street basketballnd practice NPC. If you form 33 teams, you can change the game mode to NPC
3on3 street basketball

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