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Basketball guessing rules

Street basketball mobile game tianpingzuo "Leon premium

2022-06-23 03:03Basketball guessing rules
Summary: Street basketball hand tour Leon how much is LeonTime: from July 21 to July 27, Leo player Leon came on stage. During the event, "Leon fortune bag" and "Leon premium fortune bag" entered t
Street basketball hand tour Leon how much is Leon
Time: from July 21 to July 27, Leo player Leon came on stage. During the event, "Leon fortune bag" and "Leon premium fortune bag" entered the special store. Fser who likes Leo babies should not miss it! The price of Leon fortune bag is 1288 points. The content of the fortune bag: players - Leon * diamonds *288How to get the constellation totem of street basketball
March is a warm season. "Street basketball" welcomes the limited time constellation player of this month - Aries Xiaobai (sg/ shooting guard). With a strong talent of three points of lateral drift, it will set off a new outside storm. Every shot will explode your universe! YouWhat will happen to the 12 constellations of street basketball Tour
Scuffle, Westward Journey, gunfight, tararia
Is kangser a street basketball tour worth starting with, cancer
Cancer players - kangser attacked. During the event, "kangser blessing bag" and "kangser advanced blessing bag" entered the special store. Fser who likes kangser must not miss it. The kangser blessing bag costs 1266 points. The blessing bag content: players - kangser * diamonds *288, street commemorative coins * Street Fighter medal *2 kangser advanced price 1888 pointsWhat is the best occupation for street basketball players? Introduction to the choice of the strongest occupation
Introduction to the strongest professional choice of street basketball mobile games -- the center of the interior player, also known as the God of the restricted area, has a very strong ability to play under the basket, and is proficient in gun rebounds and blocking defense. An excellent center can grab most of the rebounds, and then pass tStreet basketball mobile game tianpingzuo  he ball to the players who are in an empty positionSkills recommendation of street basketball mobile game players five professional skills selection skills
In the street basketball mobile game, each player can only bring four skills to play, but each player has multiple skills to choose from in the game. Many players will struggle with what skills to play. Today, I will tell you about the professional skills in the street basketball mobile gameWhat is the location of street basketball hand tour? Recommended location of good street basketball
If you are a single player, recommend center C. If you are playing alone, Xiaobian recommends that you play center C. The reasons are as follows! Rebounds determine victory. The backboard is the guarantee of victory in the street basketball tour. With the support of rebounds, we can let our teammates attack with all their strength. The key of passingWho is the best match for street basketball mobile game ladder
Skill matching skills of street basketball hand tour uncle Huang: strong block, vertical jump, rebound, block, catch the ball back and dunk. The windmill uncle Huang's ability to increase rebounds and block is the first. Combined with his natural rebounding ability, he can seize all kinds of rebounds under the basket. Increasing block is a better way to end the breakthrough of outside playersWhat is the strongest professional recommendation for street basketball mobile games
Small forward small forward is the first scorer in the team. It has the strongest singles ability and scoring ability, and can help the team obtain score advantage stably and quickly. At the same time, small forward is the most flexible position in the teamStreet basketball hand tour how does avrola get Aquarius players to get introduction
Aphrora talent - swift wind and thunder: movement speed +50 aphrora gift bag was purchased from January 19 to January 25. It was purchased with gold coins alone before February 15. The price was 128888 gold coinsStreet basketball mobile game tianpingzuo  or 1266 coupons. The horizontal pf plus passive speed is slower than PG, which is similar to SG
Street basketball mobile game tianpingzuo "Leon premium

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