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Basketball guessing rules

Street basketball puck

2022-06-27 02:45Basketball guessing rules
Summary: How to catch the ball in the street basketball TourThen wait for the moment when the basketball bounces to the ground and quickly press the button to successfully catch the ball. Of course, it also ne
How to catch the ball Street basketball puckin the street bStreet basketball puckasketball Tour
Then wait for the moment when the basketball bounces to the ground and quickly press the button to successfully catch the ball. Of course, it also needs to cooperate with the players' running position. Running position is also the top priority. After reasonably judging the landing point of the basketball, you can quickly run to the landing point, and then press the ball throwing button at the appropriate time to successfully grab the basketballWhat are the skills of a guard's catch in street basketball
1: Grasp the opportunity (that is, the moment the ball lands); 2: Take the shot quickly (0 before the ball lands)
What are the tricks of throwing in street basketball
There is no secret. I am a 26pg in zone 6 and a 25 SG in zone 1. I have been playing street ball for nearly two years. I will feel it after more practice. You should practiStreet basketball puckce so that you can catch the ball skillfully no matter which direction you want to go and how far away from your position. Even after graduation, the secStreet basketball puckret is only two words' practice more '
How to catch the ball in street basketball
This skill is only used by G. F. C none. First of all, you should install the skills of catching the ball. If you don't have them, go to the skills store to buy them. You can press s to catch the ball during the game. You might as well try itHow about street basketball
Only the guard can buy it ~ ~ you go to the mall ~ ~ spend 5000 points ~ to buy it ~ ~ after you buy it ~ ~ go to your own mall ~ put it in your skill bar ~ ~ in the game ~ if the ball falls to the ground ~ press the s key in its direction
How does street basketball catch the ball
Spend 5000 points to buy one in the store and equip it. Press s when there is no ball. Only the defender has this skillThrowing ball of street basketball
In a word, catching the ball is the contact between the hand and the ball. Pay attention to your position. The first point of contact between you and the ball is your character's hand. One more thing, it takes a while to practice, but it's not difficult. Wait for pointsHow does street basketball catch the ball
The ball below the knee, that is, the half empty ball can be thrown. The range of the skill stroke shovel is larger. You must buy it As for the skills of catching the ball, grasp the opportunity and distance. Timing is when to press s. Focus on the ball that fell from the cap and the ball that bounced off the plate. If it is self blocking, there are three blocking positionsRebounds and throwing skills of street basketball guards
First of all, I don't approve of PG grabbing the board, except for those who play a lot on the basket. If you think you have the ability to grab faster than your inside line, grab it. There are three kinds of throwing, one is the most elementary throwing, the other is sliding interception, and the other is rollingSkills of catching the ball in street basketball
Usage: s (not controlled by the direction key, i.e. you can jump in the right direction by pressing s without pressing the direction key). Occupation: G (g, PG, SG) throwing distance. The distance of throwing the ball does not increase with the increase of the series, but is divided into below 31 and above 31 (including 31)
Street basketball puck

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