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Street 3v3 basketball work for G first

2022-06-26 22:43Basketball guessing rules
Summary: What are the characteristics of the 3v3 lineups in street basketballPG C PF 3v3 attaches great importance to tactical cooperation. First, he works for G. if he can successfully block the opposing defe
What are the characteristics of the 3v3 lineups in street basketballStreet 3v3 basketball  work for G first
PG C PF 3v3 attaches great importance to tactical cooperation. First, he works for G. if he can successfully block the opposing defenders, it would be best. G can throw when no one is defending
Street basketball 3v3, how can we reach the level
There is a big difference between 2v2 and 3v3. 2v2 is basically a singles game with little cooperation. In this way, as long as you control the board and do a good job in your own defense, 3v3 has many tactics because of too many passes. 3v3 and C can achieve 3 points, and the teammates will be more comfortable: ★ defense first, including helping the teammates to make up defenseThree playing methods of street basketball 3v3 (g+c+f) (g+g+f) (g+g+c) (g+c+c)
2g+f (c) is very simple. The guard is dominated by 3 points. F (c) is dominated by the blue board and 2 points. G+c+f C can also grab the blue board, but also have the opportunity to run to get 2 g+2 C. This absolutely guarantees the blue board, because C has a card position and 2 C. no one can enter the next station. 3v3 MVPs are generally CWhich positions are the best in street basketball 3v3
Generally, the score is stable, the score grabs the board pf33 is the first choice, and the standing board under the C basket is also necessary. There Street 3v3 basketball  work for G firstis another position, PG and SG are the king, but 2T with SG will be more powerful. First, SG3 points are more stable than PG, PG shooting needs rhythm, SG is better than PG, the rhythm is not too good, and it is very accurate to run out of the empty space by 3 pointsRules of 3v3 street basketball
Basketball rules -- Rules of three-man basketball game basketball three-to-three competition rules except for the following special circumstances, the game shall be implemented in accordance with the latest international basketball rules. Field anStreet 3v3 basketball  work for G firstd Equipment Article 1 1-1 field: half a standard basketball field (14 15 meters) or reduced appropriately according to the proportion of half court (length reduced by 1 meter)
Skills in street basketball pg3v3
PG Duoduo runs outside the 3-point line ~3vs3 is theStreet 3v3 basketball  work for G first best not to shake people, or run more. Run out of the open position and throw 3. When you see a teammate's open position, you have to pass. Don't always want to shoot, unless you are very accurateHow to drive 3v3 street basketball
There is a team mode on the mode, which is 3v3, and the common mode is 2v2 or 1v1
How to play street basketball pg3v3
Standard PG data: score 9+ hit 45%+ assists 4+ generally refer to these three data, which is the number of MVPs. If you are playing PG for the first time, I suggest you play double g more, which can better exercise your awareness of running and passing. As for the experience you learned in 2v2, it is almost useless in 3v3How to judge the specific MVP in 3v3 in street basketball. Be specific. Don't copy some to fool me_ Baidu knows
MVP determination method in the 3v3 team mode of street basketball: 1- first, win in the 3v3 team mode. (you are qualified to get MVP only if you win of course) 2- contribution value to the team. (this is simply your contribution to winning, which is directly linked to the data.) PG: first of all, assists are very important. You want to get MVPHow to cooperate with street basketball 3v3
Your PF is responsible for grabbing boards and defending against the opponent's big one under the basket. Your friend's PF can help block the poor. When attacking, wait near the restricted area for SG to catch the ball and dunk when he has no chance. Ask him to learn more gorgeous dunking skills. SG, when his personal ability is strong and he misses, SG runs back to catch the ball and scores
Street 3v3 basketball work for G first

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