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Duncan PF of street basketball

2022-06-26 20:03Basketball guessing rules
Summary: Duncan and fan Aixin's pf ability in street basketballFan Xinai's rebounds and bounces are a little higher than Duncan's, but Duncan is a male character, and the ability required for the stop
Duncan and fan Aixin's pf ability in street basketball
Fan Duncan PF of street basketballXinai's rebounds and bounces are a little higher than Duncan's, but Duncan is a male character, and the ability required for the stopboard is lower than that of the female character. Pf bounce 95 is the ultimate ability value, and above 95 is a step from the three-point line. Just pile up rebounds
Which is the best street basketball pf special role? How about the new Duncan
That's a question, Duncan. Bounce and rebound. Although Mika is also rebounding and bouncing, compared with Duncan. It is obviously not as powerful as before. Duncan. Unlike Micah, when he was playing 33, he couldn't find his place among the people on the insideStreet basketball playing pf Lisa Micah Duncan who is good
Suggestion: Micah reason: it is good-looking and has high ability. I have one Duncan. Every time I open the number, I feel tangled. It is too ugly... And I feel that Micah runs faster than Duncan. The best choice: if you are a board buckle PFDuncan PF of street basketball, choose Duncan (not afraid of ugliness) if you are a board buckle and love beautyWhat special role should street basketball pf play
"Street basketball pf" if you like the stopboard or scoring, the special roles are: male number: Duncan turns to PF (enhanced bounce, excellent Duncan PF of street basketballrebounding ability, plus two layups); 2. long junxuan looks better than Duncan, but he is a hot seller in male pf; 3. if you are not satisfied, wait for the official to leave GarciaIs Duncan suitable for playing C or PF in street basketball
I started a Duncan C18 level physical confrontation. When others attack the basket and go up hard, I can carry it without crowding the hat, so that my opponent can soar. Especially nice when blocking the cap! Very aggressive! Rebounds plus 4 blocks +1 bounce plus how muchSpecial role of street basketball Duncan turns to PF and Shute turns to SF. Why is it so abnormal
But actually. New characters. Except for defenders. The other characters didn't say anything special about rolling over. C inside a five is still easy to use. And as far as C is concerned. Ordinary black fat C is also very good. If PF, Duncan has better defensive ability. But some female pf like Mika still have their own obvious advantagesStreet basketball, character Duncan pf! Capacity issues
Duncan has three more jumps and three boards than ordinary people. His other abilities are not as good as ordinary people ~ ~ his ability depends on three points. He can't see what people have money. Three pieces of jewelry. Three rhino heads. 1110 sets of VIP and novice bags. It's not uncommon to spend hundreds of good abilities a month. You can see that the ground has been running for 10 times when you are at a higher level
Street basketball pf chooses Micah or Duncan. The reason is clear
Answer: to be honest, don't judge a charDuncan PF of street basketballacter according to his ability. I would recommend Duncan for the simple reason that he is tall. Mika is small and easy to operate! So which one do you prefer? There is no need to worry about gain and lossHow tall does Duncan need to play pf
PF can do 190-198, SF can do 180-190. Height is not a problem. It mainly depends on technology
Street basketball pf apple, Duncan, Mika, their advantages and disadvantages
Apple's advantage lies in its high defensive ability. Less offensive. The CIC has no advantage in three-point bounce. Duncan is good in attack and defense, but run slowly. Micah is an offensive player. He is too weak in defense
Duncan PF of street basketball

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