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Street basketball pf C

2022-06-25 23:16Basketball guessing prediction
Summary: What are the advantages of PF over C in street basketballThere are more offensive means. Jumping is better than C, and running faster than C. In fact, rebounding mainly depends on technology, not the
What are the advantages of PF over C in street basketball
There are more offensive means. Jumping is better than C, and running faster than C. In fact, rebounding mainly depends on technology, not the ability of C or PF. There are also pf who can dunk at will. Sometimes they can bully them and won't cover them. Ha ha! But it was very miserable when they covered itThe difference between C and PF in street basketball
The fundamental difference between "C" and "pf" in street basketball. You can tell by building a level 1 number. Is "C" of level 1 high in rebounding ability? Slow running? Does the PF of level 1 have a high bounce ability value? Run faster than C? This is the difference. Pf grabs the board mainly by playing fast and jumping highWhich is the best power forward or center to recommend for street basketball pf or C
Many years ago, I used to play the computer version of street basketball. At that time, I chose PF. To be fair, PF and C were very close at that time. That is to say, PF and C were competitive in both low-end bureaus and high-end bureaus, but I also chose PF to play the mobile version of street basketball from the beginning of the testCan pf play C in street basketball
No, street basketball is very rigid. Unlike the actual NBA, PF's late block is half of C's, with 20 points less rebounds and body than C. Pf plays 33 mainly for defense, pick and roll and scoring, while C mainly for defense and rebounding. The functions of the two positions are different and cannot be replaced by each other. Of course, if both sides are PFWho is better than pf or C in street basketball
I think C is still strong. C's rebounding ability doesn't need to mention that it can be used as a stopboard to a certain extent. C's ability to cover and take shots is also very strong, which is unmatched by power forwards. In addition, after you have mastered the second board, you can make up the deduction and blue, and have a strong scoring ability. It can be said that in the later stage of C, you can throw 3 points and grab the board by yourself, and then scoreStreet basketball C or PF
C's defensive power is terrible, which makes other professions daunted, especially his super high cricket ability, but C will never become the main scoring force in the team, because no one gives C cover, only C gives his teammates cover, and when his teammates don't score goals, he grabs the board, while pf uses C to cover dunking + virtual reality = playIs it better for PF to grab the board or C in the middle and late stage of street basketball
What about the maximum height of the board you can grasp? As mentioned earlier, bouncing will affect the jumping height, and the blue board will affect the range of getting the board. Therefore, the height of catching the board is determined by the combination of bouncing and blue board.Pf is higher than C's, but C's blue board ability is strongStreet basketball PF and C play
You can let your partner pass the ball to you to play the inside line uStreet basketball pf Cnder the basket. Take you as the center and get 2 points and 2 points. Or, after your partner passes the ball to you, try to attract the opponent's attention, and then pass the ball out and throw a 3-point grade. PF is to help cover, rebound, etc. the best offensive method is to dunk, defend near the fStreet basketball pf Cree thStreet basketball pf Crow line, and catchWhat is the difference between street basketball C and PF
In addition, if it hasn't been changed, C's dunk success rate is high and it's not easy to dunk. 3. Shooting: Senior PF and C still have certaStreet basketball pf Cin ability of shooting in the middle. Comparatively speaking, PF is accurate in shooting (shooting within the three-point line and outside the three second zone)What is the difference between PF and C in street basketball games
The PF jumps fast, the C board has a large range, the c card position can reverse the PF, and the PF can separate the C ball ~ that's it
Street basketball pf C

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