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Street basketball 2000c

2022-06-25 10:01Basketball guessing prediction
Summary: How to play street basketball CThere are mainly two types of street basketball playing C. one is the C with dual external, 1.5 or 2G. This kind of C attaches great importance to rebounding and defense
How to play street basketball C
There are mainly two types of street basketball playing C. one is the C with dual external, 1.5 or 2G. This kind of C attaches great importance to rebounding and defense. It's better to bring quick mending for the inside line. It mainly includes pick and roll and rebound. Also have some inside scoring skills. When we can't open up the situation, we need youSome skills of C in street basketball
Reprinted that when you choose C, you are sure to choose burden. As a C, you should observe more things than the guards and forwards. You should judge the bounce point of the ball at the first time according to the shooting position of your teammates. You should observe the action of everyone entering the three second zone. You should press the W key most of the time from beginning to end. You should bear the responsibility of grabbing or notStreet basketball C
C's room, of course, if 1v1 is really the worst, but how many people can play 1v1 on the street? No matter rebounds or blocks, PF can't compete. Of course, first of all, you can get a technical position. If you like to play handsome, you can play pf or SF. If you like to restrain handsome, you can play C. patting them is like patting cucumbersAbout street basketball C
。。 Mending the basket is also recommended to install the rest of the virtual and real turns or blocks.. You can practice defensive blocks without boards.. Hat Duan doesn't want to install offensive skills. It's necessary to install one, or there will be no scoring means... Free style: strong capHow does C pick and roll in street basketball
Personally, I think a simple method is: after C is equipped with the pick and roll skills, stand within the 3-point line and on your defender's A-man route. At this time, you need to cooperate with your teammates. For example, G has a super dribble to the right, and you w is in the middle, so the defender will be blocked by you, and your g has the opportunity to shoot and scoreStreet basketball C how to play
Punching board: punching board is the most gorgeous and powerful way of strong board in street basketball, not to mention the strongest ghost board. In a regular street ball game, punching board is a theorem. Punching board can break any kind of blocking board. I believe many C have encountered it, and they can't get a few or even a single high board in a game of PF punching high boardStreet basketball C those skills are necessary~
Free -- basket single hand shooting (i.e. high throw with one hand, very practical) 2000 points backboard -- learn to block (not Street basketball 2000cthe card player) this is the one (and your Internet speed). Those who can grab the backboard will block. Don't be confused by the garbage in the plank house. C at least 2 slots are requiredWhat configuration does street basketball need
Basic configuration of street basketball: cpu:pentium3 800MHz memory: 256 MB operating system: Windows 98, me, 2000, XP graphics card: Geforce2 MX 100/200, ATI radeon7000 hard disk:
Street basketball
1. The gift of opening the box seems to go directly into your prop column. There is no note, right? 2. the probability is about 15%, which will not be higher. I have prescribed these four types, especially the 2000 of all evils; 3. there will be no bonus for advanced training because of tattoos. I tried and wasted tattoos; 4. judge and graspWhat is the use of various abilities in street basketball
Running: it is the speed of running, which involves two aspects, one is the speed of running with the ball, the other is the speed of running in defense. Bouncing: it affects the layup distance, that is to say, the higher the bouncing, the farther the layup distance will be. There is also the distance to rush the board when grabbing the board, and the take-off speed of grabbing the board
Street basketball 2000c

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