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Street basketball liyouran new change: wuminjun

2022-06-24 04:43Basketball guessing prediction
Summary: What roles can the street basketball role change card change. New changes: wuminjun, winter moon moye, spring millennium, autumn mubayun, Charlotte, Pippen, wuxiaopang, iceberg, magic Howard, Venus, L
What roles can the street basketball role change card change
. New changes: wuminjun, winter moon moye, spring millennium, autumn mubayun, Charlotte, Pippen, wuxiaopang, iceberg, magic Howard, Venus, Lisa, Garcia, coco, phantom bear, Jiang Malu, Shu Hao, Duncan, Jack, antwan, liyouran, fan Aixin. Introduction to street basketballWhat is suitable for Li Youran in street basketball
After seeing the above players who have misled people's children, I would like to say two words: 22 Li Youran pf C is OK, but 22 interior lines pay attention to rebounds, so the effect of Li Youran's shot blocking ability is weakened at 22. If 22, Duncan still burst Li Youran. If 33, why is Li Youran only suitable for PF? Man 1 is too thinStreet basketball C special, Li Youran good? Or ah Wu Hao? They all say ah Wu is good, but Li Youran's ability is better than
Li Youran. 1. Li Youran's ability is higher than ah Wu's. 2 because he is thin, although it is not as easy to use as ah Wu in the early stage, it will be easy to use after the level is full in the late stage. A thin man is easy to find a position and is not easy to be blockedWhich C is the best in street basketball with special interior lines
The first choice is leisurely, and the second choice is ah Wu. Youran is typical of thin C, and AWU is typical of fat C. The difference is that Youran is smaller, which is conducive to transposition. AWU is larger and more confrontational. IfStreet basketball liyouran  new change: wuminjun you are a novice, you should take it easy. C often has to face the situation of being beaten by the enemy 2 to 1. Its small size is conducive to moving and seizing the defensive position and side cards (strong anti suction). AgainStreet basketball APU Garcia Li Youran which role is better
Li Youran is too feminine and doesn't like it personally; A Wu's height is an advantage, but his ability is slightly inferior to that of Garcia and Li Youran; Garcia's ability value is good, but it is too long without characteristics, and not many people see it online; In fact, Jack and raccoon are good choices. Jack's inside ability is very outstandingHow about Li Youran playing PF for street basketball? What's better than other special characters? What's the difference
Li Youran's main hit given on the official website is C. pf should not express his advantages. If you want to play male PF, you'd better have a "dragon" or "Duncan" hat, which is very awesome. Women play Micah or apple, but the hat is a little poor. Although the game stresses technology, Street basketball liyouran  new change: wuminjunmen and women feel completely differentStreet basketball Li Youran clothing matching
He is a thin man. It is suggested to wear the hip-hop style of street ball, which is relaxed and leisurelyStreet basketball special character C who is good
Good rebounds: a Wu, Duncan, Howard and raccoon blocks have a good feel: liyouran, Jack and a Wu have a comprehensive feel: a Wu's female C is generally weaker than the male C in blocks, but her body is small and easy to maneuver, which is more convenient to move and remove gears. At the same time, the backboard does not fall. The available roles for female C are Chen Ruolin, Nini, mantis and appleIn street basketball, which is better, ah Wu or Li Youran? It is said that Li Youran has high ability. Where is his height? And there is
This stopboard has nothing to do with the character. It's all a trick. You can'Street basketball liyouran  new change: wuminjunt tell if it's a little taller. Liyouran's hStreet basketball liyouran  new change: wuminjunat is a little higher, and his board is about the same as ah Wu's. With good skills, ordinary characters can also destroy opponentsStreet basketball SF how tall is liyouran the best
Liyouran is not suitable to be SF. If you have to play, 183 is the best
Street basketball liyouran new change: wuminjun

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