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Street basketball PF

2022-06-23 20:17Basketball guessing prediction
Summary: How to play street basketball PFThe answer upstairs can only prove that he can't play PF. Power forwards aren't used for grabbing boards at all. And the PF board that plays well is much more fie
How to play street basketball PF
The answer upstairs can only prove that he can't play PF. Power forwards aren't used for grabbing boards at all. And the PF board that plays well is much more fierce than C. Because the bounce is very high, the punching board is very excellent. And the flexibility of PF is much higher than that of C, no matter how far the board isHow to play street basketball pf
There are two types of PF, depending on how you hit 1 Basket pull pf's basket pull is awkward. Its ability is not as high as C, but if the card is good, it can also win with a gun and score the ball. That's half a bug 2 Scoring PF (this is what I practice) there are many pf attack routines 1 Dunk ```f is very convenient, but be careful before C
How to play street basketball pf
How to play street basketball pf? What about pf.? How should we define pf.? Is it only with the two-point ball and the auxiliary blue board? It seems that it is the same in the blink of an eye. Because pf has a skill, that is, the Tomahawk try dunk. I play street ball for a year, and the Tomahawk is capped about 10 times, which is very rare. What about pf.? WeRunning position and various playing methods of street basketball PF
It is a flexible and changeable position. When attacking, you can compete with C on the inside line to grab rebounStreet basketball PFds, shoot under the basket and dunk; In the case of C, it can also replace SF mid shot, layup and dunk; When defending, you can defend on the inside, block shots and other physical confrontations; You can also run and defend SF, PG and SG in the outer line and middle area at a medium speed; Of course, there are also their own counterparts PFHow to practice street basketball pf
After playing street basketball to a high level, interior professionals generally have to come out to work as guards. I won't say that. As long as you observe how others do it, you will naturally become one However, don't force a low-level player to be on duty, so he can't get inUsing skills of street basketball PF
As a PF, it is natural to have the ability to stand alone and compete with strong C Pf's bounce is quite terrible. As a PF, you should make full use of this advantage - punching Pf does not have to stand directly below the blue frame (of course, it is better to stand directly below the blue frame.) If you want to grab the board, you must have a good machine without getting stuck. First, I'll do itStreet basketball pf skills
1. You should always know clearly that the first thing you do is not to make up the board, not to score, not to block the difference, but to defend. Don't be too far away from the person you want to defend at any time, because anything can happen in basketballHow to play street bStreet basketball PFasketball pStreet basketball PFf
One thing that neither C nor g. can compete with PF is bounce So Try to take advantage of your bounce Actually, I don't mean dunk Pf lay - up distance is farther than any profession That's it This is often overlooked Pf should not be limited to rebounding And detentsStreet basketball pf skill selection
Skills: face UPSs card position f-point ball, virtual and real make-up basket, make-up dunk ball, and pull back shooting (if you have a strong second board, you can also install Lingbo to run back in the interior line, and you can directly make up the dunk if you don't get in) FS: strong board, cling to Kobe Bryant, make Jay's sideways dunk, and the rest are free (if you are accurate in shooting, it is recommended to use the throwing skills
Street basketball PF
If you play the 3-3 mStreet basketball PFode, my suggestion is that PF should be trained to be sharp in attack. Scoring players are a headache for the other side. C should be given the backboard to defend well, then G should organize the attack, and you should take the last shot. Of course, it is also very important to be flexible
Street basketball PF

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